Case Study – Gromit and Bronk LLC

Gromit and Bronk Testimonial

I’m Leslie Stiba. I’m founder and CEO of Gromit and Bronk, and my company is a product development company, and we focus primarily on consumer products.

We originally approached Black Box because we were looking to do some market testing, so we had a product that we were considering bringing to market. We wanted to get a feel for what the appetite would be for this particular product, and also who our target demographic was, and if it was aligned with what we thought it was, and essentially what we could expect in terms of our marketing budget and our sales.

What I really liked about Black Box Media was that prior to really getting started on the work, they spent a lot of time understanding what it was we were looking to do, so they asked a lot of questions, they spent time coming up with ideas and strategies, and by the time they started the work, we felt confident in their ability to deliver based on our goals and objectives.

One of the things that was challenging about our project is that we had a very short timeline in order to get the work done. And so, what impressed us so much about working with these guys was that even though they were working on an extremely tight time frame, the quality of their work was still very very good. We didn’t feel like we sacrificed on the quality just because we had a shorter timeframe to work with it.

I think if you’re a company that’s considering using Black Box Media, what I can tell you are that our company had a very good experience. They had a tremendous amount of industry knowledge regarding social media that they were willing to share with us. They spent a good deal of time really understanding what it was we needed. They were just a complete pleasure to work with, a very responsive and solid company.

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