Case Study – Peter Lubell, Austin Toros Basketball

Peter Lubell, the COO of the Austin Toros, an NBA Development League team owned and operated by the San Antonio Spurs, discusses his experience with Black Box Social Media.and it’s product, Social Media In 7 Minutes.

Case Study | Austin Toros

We’ve had a great partnership with Black Box Social Media now for this last season for the Austin Toros, and we’ve been extremely happy with the service that we received, and not only the service, but the knowledge. It’s actually quite refreshing to be around people that really understand the social media environment. It’s become such an important part of business these days that we’ve realized that having an organization that can work with us hands on as Black Box is has really made a difference for the Toros.

I know at the beginning of the season, we were hovering right around 3,800 likes on Facebook, and after the season was over, and we won the championship, we were right around a little over 10,000 likes, so it goes to show that we were able to figure out a way to create an interaction platform for our customers, and Black Box was the reason for that.

Case Study | Social Media In 7 Minutes

Their product “Social Media in 7 Minutes” was fantastic for us because in the sports world, probably just like in any other business, executives are extremely busy. There are so many things going on in your day, and it’s nice to know that there’s a product out there that you can actually sit playing your entire social media a week and all the messages you want to send out to all your different platforms and then plug them in, and they’re pretty much set to go where you want them to go, and not only that, but when there’s information that you want in terms of tutorials on how to do things yourself, or train you employees on, I found those videos to be extremely useful and helpful in allowing us to learn more about the social media world and how to do things ourselves.

That’s kind of the best part, is that they come in and not only are they hands on with you, or as much as you want them to be, but in addition, the program “Social Media in 7 Minutes” really allows you to learn it yourself and to do it yourself, and I think that mixture makes it extremely convenient. I think a lot of companies these days, you’ll pay company’s money, they’ll come in and they will do everything for you, but you don’t really learn anything from them, and then eventually, you let them go and you didn’t really get anything out of it other than some paid work. Black Box Social Media really allows you to learn more about the social media landscape and the guys over there are just very easy to work with.

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