Courses in Online Marketing: Google+

Courses in Online Marketing for Google+
Courses in Online Marketing for Google+

This week for our courses in online marketing we are going to take a walk through Google+ for businesses.  Google+ is a hands-down necessary tool in obtaining higher search results, especially with the advent of social search.  If you feel you’re totally lost when it comes to Google+, have no fear because courses in online marketing are here to save the day.  We are going to go over the best ways to post, how to use Google+ Circles, and other tools that will enhance your overall Google+ experience.

Courses in Online Marketing | Post Like a Boss!

So here are some great tips from Social Media in 7 Minutes on how to post.  Make sure to jot these down, because these are essential facts from our courses in online marketing:

There are some specific parts of this post that you’ll want to pay special attention to, and one of those would be the the hashtags (#) that identify the subjects of the post, therefore making it easy for users to find your post in a search.  Also adding a link to a piece of media with a link preview always makes the post more eye-catching and relevant as a quality piece of content.  These strategies in addition to the formatted heading including your keywords is essential in learning how to use Google+ for SEO.

In addition to these hot posting tips for Google+ you also will want to include headers in your posts.  These will make your posts pop out when users are searching.  Its really easy to do as well, all you have to do is just put asterisks around your header like this:

*Courses in Online Marketing: Google+* = Courses in Online Marketing: Google+

Using this message will put your content right before the reader’s eyes.

Courses in Online Marketing | Make Your Profile Shine In Search

In addition to simply posting awesome content with hashtags and bold headlines another essential step in courses in online marketing for Google+ is to make sure that your profile is completely optimized with keywords around your niche, so that you’re SEO is through the roof!  Here are essential tips from our previous Google+ article on Black Box Social Media on how to do just that.

So just as you need to pick your keywords carefully and put them in just the right places when you are creating a blog, the same is true when optimizing your Google+ profile.  As a matter of fact their are four specific places that you need to include keywords so that you will show up in the social search.

“Take away: thread relevant keywords through your Google+ profile…namely in the Introduction, Employment, Education and Places sections…and you may start ranking for some highly-competitive broad terms.”

Its not only necessary to remember this particular lesson in courses in online market to help with your search potential, but repeating the same keywords several times also makes it stick in your customer’s minds.  Make sure that your keywords are the perfect fit for your niche, because you want people to associate your name or your business name with that particular keyword.

Courses in Online Marketing | Circles

We think that it’s a good idea to search for the keywords in your niche from within Google+ and go ahead and add the people to your Google+ Circles that come up first in the stream.  These will be the leaders in your industry and by putting them in your Circles often times they will add you back.  Just remember this courses in online marketing detail: If you are in an industry leader’s Google+ Circle, others will follow you, because they think that you have authority.  And guess what?  If they add you back then you do!

If our readers have anything to add to courses in online marketing then feel free to leave them in the comments!

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