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This week for our courses in online marketing we are going to be taking a look at Pinterest, the new social media craze that is taking the web by storm.  Pinterest is a social media site where its users can create digital categorized bulletin boards that they can share publicly or with their friends.  Pinterest is attractive because it gives its users an outlet to express themselves through sharing pictures that define their lifestyle.  Popular pins are centered around fashion, design, recipes, and other aesthetically pleasing pictures.  This is important to include in our courses in online marketing because including pictures that include your products, infographics, or just company lifestyle could bring back great links to your site if your post goes viral.

Courses in Online Marketing | Stories of Successful Pinsters

For our first section in courses in online marketing for Pinterest, we just want to show you the basics and some tips that will make it really easy to access from your favorite browser whenever you need to post a pic.

We make a note to include how to use these social media sites as a user in all of our courses in online marketing, because you need to know how your customers are using the site in order for you to dominate.  Here’s a crash course in getting started with your Pinterest account by Salon:

Once you’re in, simply install a “Pin it!” bookmarklet in your favorite Web browser. From that point on, any time you see a gorgeous photo online, simply click “Pin it!” and a popup window will appear, allowing you to add that photo to one of several photo collections, or “boards,” you maintain on Pinterest.

Pinterest operates on a follower-following basis, just like Facebook and Twitter. You can jump-start your Pinterest network by connecting your FB and Twitter user names. That will populate your Pinterest wall with your friends’ pinned images, and show your pins to people who follow you.

If you’re a business, it might be best to try and add all or many of the fans that liked your Facebook page.  You could easily get this work done by using Fivver and contracting it out to an outsourcer for cheap.  Go ahead and search for people that pin images that are related to your company’s niche market.  Lets move on to step two in courses in online marketing.

Courses in Online Marketing | Don’t Make it Obvious

If you take anything away from courses in online marketing for Pinterest then remember to never make your bulletins too sales related.

Mashable explains why in their courses for online marketing for Pinterest:

Pinterest calls for a more holistic approach to marketing, and it can be more effective and engaging than traditional advertising because the consumers can really see how your brand fits into their lives. For example,Bon Appetit can’t just pin pictures from the website or magazine, but it can pin images of cooking appliances, beautiful kitchen decor, cutlery, dinner parties and delicious creations or recipes — basically anything related to cooking and food. Seeing these culinary items will continually drive home the Bon Appetit brand, thus making pinners more familiar with and more likely to trust the brand, visit the website and maybe even subscribe to the magazine.

Courses in Online Marketing | Designers This is For You

Pinterest is all about the images and therefore this is a place where designers can shine.  These courses in online marketing recommend that you find someone in your company that with a creative sense or design talent to make your images stand out amongst the rest.

Salon gives us their strong opinion about the importance of design on Pinterest.

While many of the good moms using Pinterest aren’t clued in to the latest design looks, they are a madly appreciative crowd — if you offer up your gorgeous images, you will be met with copious applause. Anyone posting their portfolio to Behance or Core77 should double up with a little Pinterest test. After all, Pinterest users are well-educated, affluent females who likely wield serious hiring power in between Pinterest coffee breaks.

If any of our readers have anything to add to our courses in online marketing for Pinterest, please leave them in the comments below.

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