Google Penguin Attacks

Is the Vicious Google Penguin Nipping At Your Websites Heels?

On April 24, 2012 Google released the first of what will probably be many Google Penguin updates. This update created a huge stir with those using search engine optimization (SEO) to gain traffic and make money. Some websites dropped out of the rankings, while others exploded and found the top of the Google rankings. Was your site hurt by this update?

Whether you run a website about document translation or even if you run an internet marketing site, you could have lost the ranking you had. If you were targeting a keyword phrase like “Morningside Translation Services” and you were at the top of the rankings, you may have woken up and found that your traffic disappeared.

Just because your site dropped in the ranking doesn’t mean you have to start over. You just need to know what is necessary to recover from this update. It will take some work, but you can certainly get exactly what you want, which is your ranking back.

A Quick Plan to Recover from the Google Update

First, you will need a few new websites to help you test new strategies. There are a few theories that you can test to see if you can gain rankings with a new website. Not to mention that you can use a new website to help gain your income back while recovering with your main websites. Do a little research and put together a few strategies to test.

Second, start eliminating any spam-type elements from your website. This can include too many similar tags, using a keyword phrase too much, over 100 links on any given page and even too many ads on your site. Google penalized many sites for spam content, too many links and too many ads.

Third, expanding your content to at least 1,000 words per page can help eliminate high keyword densities. If your keyword density is over 3%, you need to add content to lower the density and keep your site from looking like it’s over optimized. This can help you gain your ranking back the next time Google updates their search parameters.

Finally, you need to look at your link profile. If you have too many backlinks with the same anchor text, it can hurt your site. You only want half of your links to use the main keyword as the anchor text. The other half needs to vary quite a bit. This will help balance your link profile and can help you gain the ranking you desire back.

Use these steps, and you can start building a new income as you fix your old site. Taking the time to start building your new sites the right way and test different strategies. This will help you determine the best way to gain ranking and maintain that ranking.

About the Guest Blogger:  This guest post contributed by Shane, an SEO enthusiast, with special interest in both internet marketing and Morningside translation services.