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7 Steps to Creating a Facebook Blog

Facebook Blog
Creating a Facebook Blog

Would you like to post your blogs on a website that has over 600 million viewers worldwide?  Having a Facebook Blog is much easier than you may think.  You can simply add your blogger to the Facebook blog and then update your blog directly from Facebook. Then, every time you create a new blog, it will show in the Facebook News Feed. Here are the 7 simple steps to creating a Facebook blog:

Facebook Blog | 7 Steps

According to eHow.com, here are the 7 steps to creating a Facebook Blog:

  • Create Facebook account. If you do not already have an account with Facebook, you will need to create one.

  • Open your Facebook Acount.

  • Add the Blog It Application.  Do a search for it on Facebook and then add this application

    Add Blog It Application. Do a search for Blog It and you will add this application.

  • Add Account. Facebook Blog It allows you to add multiple bloggers to your Facebook including Blogger, Twitter, LiveJournal, WordPress and more. Click on the type of blog website you want to add. Then click on add account.
  • Authorize Facebook to your blogsite.
  • Test Blog. After you create and account and suthorize Facebook, do a test run. Go to the application and you will see a blank blog to type into. Type in your blogger from Facebook, then go to your blog’s website and the blog should be there.

  • Start blogging! When you blog, there should be a news feed to let others know you created a blog.

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