Facebook Friends

Facebook Friends | More than half of U.S. is now on Facebook

Facebook Friends

Share with all of your Facebook friends this incredible news:  more than half of Americans over the age of 12 are now on Facebook.  In 2008 this number was just 8 per cent, but it has jumped a mind boggling 43 per cent in just three short years.

Worldwide, Facebook has over 600 million users.

Who has the most Facebook Friends?  President Obama has the most fans on the social networking site with 18,487,490.

Facebook Friends | What is Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to like, poke and follow every detail of your family and friends’ lives.  As well as providing a platform to look at pictures of your Facebook friends doing things they will probably regret the following day, Facebook has also been instrumental in some serious issues as well, from politics to world affairs in the Middle East.  But probably one of the most important impacts of Facebook is the business opportunity that Facebook presents to small businesses

Facebook Friends | Business marketing

In addition to allowing people to keep up with their Facebook friends, Facebook also allows business owners to socially interact with their customers.  Creating a Fan Page is a great way to promote your product and drive traffic to your website.  Plus, by utilizing programs, such asFacebook real time ads, you can market your target audience as they’re updating their status.

Facebook Friends | Conclusion

In summary, Facebook is the most popular online social media network in the world.  In the U.S. alone, more than half the population over the age of 12 is on Facebook, and by reaching out to other’s Facebook friends, your business can add potential customers as well.

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