Facebook History

Facebook history | How it all began

Facebook history began on February 4, 2004, when sophomore studying Psychology at Harvard name Mark Zuckerberg launched the site then known as ‘thefacebook.com’.  Now, Facebook has over 600 million users worldwide, with over 150 million of those here in the United States.  How did this Facebook history happen?

Facebook History | theFacebook.com?

Mr. Zuckerberg was already known for creating a couple of other social-networking websites for fellow students, like Coursematch, which allowed users to view people taking their degree, and Facemash, where you could rate people’s attractiveness.  Making Facebook history, he launched theFacebook.com, and within 24 hours, more than 1,200 Harvard students had signed up, and after one month, over half of the undergraduate population had a profile on his social networking site.

The network was then extended to other Boston universities, the Ivy League, and eventually all US universities. In August,2005, Mr. Zuckerberg purchased the name ‘Facebook.com’ for $200,000. After Facebook history was made in September 2005, US high schools could sign up, and then Facebook began to spread worldwide, reaching UK universities the following month.

The site remains free to join, and makes a profit through advertising revenue.

Facebook History | The lawsuit

According to the Guardian, the legal case against Facebook dates back to Septem

Facebook History
Facebook History

ber 2004, when Divya Narendra, and the brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who founded the social-networking site ConnectU, accused Mr Zuckerberg of copying their ideas and coding. Mr Zuckerberg had worked as a computer programmer for them when they were all at Harvard before Facebook was created.  The case was dismissed due to a technicality in March 2007 but without a ruling, and this is how Facebook history became.

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