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Marketing MiraclesLooking to attract more customers?

Everybody is and everybody should.

Feeling often that your marketing so far didn’t quite bring you the results you hoped for?

Most recognize this feeling.

A new book is out titled Marketing Miracles.  This national best selling book is a collaboration of some of today’s absolute top marketers, who are sharing their insights on how to make marketing work, how to attract customers, and how to keep them.

In the world of marketing and sales, there are few names more recognized than that of “Marketing Master” Dan Kennedy’s. For years, his “break-through-the-box” copy and marketing strategies have been responsible for billions in sales for major corporations and small businesses.

Along the way, he has taught entrepreneurs all across the world to cut to the chase, measure their results and find creative ways to build very successful businesses in hundreds of niches. Now, I, Tom Bukacek, CEO of Black Box Social Media & Co-Creator of “Social Media Ad Genius” have joined with Dan and many distinguished co-authors to bring together in one book some of the most creative strategies and tactics ever to attract clients and customers… and keep them, as well as guarantee higher sales conversions.

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