Futuristic Marketing, the newest Internet marketing product created by online marketing legends Mark Hoverson and Jonathan Budd, is now available.

Futuristic Marketing Bonuses |What is Futuristic Marketing?

The Futuristic Marketing course, while not for everyone, is designed for businesses seeking to better understand how to generate affordable traffic using sites like Facebook, and how to turn that traffic into a community of customers.  Created by Mark Hoverson and Jonathan Budd, Futuristic Marketing is actually 2 coaching programs combined into one:

#1. Futuristic Traffic.
#2. Futuristic Influence.

As well as 2 Software Solutions combined into one:
#1. Facebook Lead Accelerator
#2. Futuristic Influence Machine

While many online marketing guides teach you how to drive traffic to your site, they don’t teach you how to drive the right traffic to your site, nor how to get that traffic to convert into customers. Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson detail specifically how to do this in Futuristic Marketing.

For more information and to watch Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson’s webinar replay, please click here.

What Are the Futuristic Marketing Bonuses?

Below is the presentation that details what the Futuristic Marketing Bonuses are:


Futuristic Marketing Bonuses | Team Vicious and Delicious

Futuristic Marketing Bonuses

Tim Erway, CEO of Magnetic Sponsoring, has been supporting the launch of “Futuristic Marketing” by putting together the best group of marketing minds in the Industry. This group has been dubbed “Team Vicious and Delicious,” and includes top marketers such as Black Box Social Media’s own Curt Maly.

In addition, some of the other top Internet Marketers include: Ryan Angelo, Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos, Andrew Cass, Didi Alcheva, Katie Freiling, Mia Davies, Michael Force, Maria Andros, Adam Chandler, Jordan Schultz, David Schwind, and Jesse Jameson. These top minds support this product so much that they’ve teamed up to give away the most spectacular Futuristic Marketing Bonus package ever seen.

For more information on these great Futuristic Marketing Bonuses, listen to what Magnetic Sponsoring CEO Tim Erway has to say: