Google Plus Klout Score Has Arrived!

Google Plus Klout
Google Plus Klout


So now that you’ve scored your influence across Facebook, Twitter, and others, now there is a Google Plus Klout score!  If you’re unfamiliar with Klout, its an application that thousands of companies and individuals alike are using across the world to see just how effective their presence really is on social media sites.  Don’t worry if you’re new, I’ll briefly break down its functionality.  Afterwards we’ll discover whats in store with the new Google Plus Klout score.

Google Plus Klout Score | Klout?

If you’re completely unfamiliar with Klout, then I would recommend reading our article, “What’s Your Klout Score?”  That article is a more detailed introduction to the services and functionality of Klout and it will take you a long way in your knowledge of the influence measuring application.  However lets take a look at the three elements of a Klout score:

  1. True Reach – True Reach measures how many people you influence.  This measures the people that respond to and/or share your social media posts consistently.
  2. Amplification – Amplification measures just how much you influence people.  If you have a lot of people out there that respond to your content and spread it further, then your amplification score should be pretty high and at a healthy level.
  3. Network Impact – So, although it’s very important to influence a good number of people, whats even more important is the impact of the people you reach.  This measures the impact the users in your True Reach have.
Now that you understand the core basics of a Klout score, let’s see what the Google Plus Klout score is going to look like.

Google Plus Klout Score | Its Early Stages

Actually Klout allowed its users to add Google Plus to their Klout dashboard on September 22nd, not long after Google Plus API was released.  However, since their weren’t many users using Klout to measure their Google Plus activity, the Google Plus Klout score wasn’t all that accurate.  Now that they have somewhat populated their site with Google Plus users, many have seen their Klout scores jump significantly:

Myspace co-founder Tom Anderson‘s score jumped from 64 to 77. Lesser known active users experienced similar boosts. Google TV employee Erica Joy‘s score rose 62 points to 73, and nature photographer Tamara Pruessner‘s score elevated from 11 to 67.

It took about two months for Klout to finally reach the desired amount of users to come up with Google Plus scores that truly represented a user’s influence on the social media platform.

“Once we have a critical mass of users, our science team dives into their data to build a comprehensive and accurate new scoring model for that network specifically.” said Megan Berry, Klout’s marketing manager.

So if you were one of the many waiting to add your Google Plus account on Klout, then now is probably the best time.

Every single network has different factors that greatly affect a user’s influence and Google Plus is no exception.  Klout employees have noticed that users with high Google Plus Klout scores are generally conversing quite a lot and the quality of the content has been a powerful determining factor on one’s success as well.  These are going to be the two elements that help you to get a lot of +1’s as well, which in turn will increase your SEO.

Google Plus Klout Score | Other Networks

The influence engine doesn’t plan on stopping with the Google Plus Klout score, as a matter of fact they plan on adding these social media sites to there impressive dashboard: Quora, Yelp, Posterous, Livefyre, Disqus, and

If you feel like your Google Plus Klout score is low and you could use some help getting back on your feet feel free to contact us, that’s what we’re here for!

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