How to Get People to Hate You on Facebook

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5 Most Annoying Facebook Habits Everyone Despises!

Social media has become an integral part of our lives and an average user spends at least about 55 minutes per day only on Facebook. When your social (media) life continuously mixes with the personal in so casual a way, the result might be unsettling for many others, especially, those who aren’t your very best buddies.

Here are some instances of the most annoying facebook practices en vogue these days. Have a look!

• Chain Posts and Statuses

Before the advent of facebook, we used to have chain/spam emails. Now the spammers have an all-time facility of social networking their chain, mostly absurd, messages. Well, guess what dude, we don’t care how many kittens will die if we don’t repost you status. I’m sure even my kitty won’t give a ****! Seriously!

• Being Monotonous

Facebook statuses may rightfully be considered a door to a person’s thoughts, just as any other form of writing he/she does. And by thought we mean, the way they process information or asses anything, not just what they feel in a particular moment. Feelings vary according to the situation. Some people, however, develop the habit of posting either too serious or only too funny statuses (or at least try to be, either).If a person gets involved in charity work, he would mostly be posting dreary analyses of human condition and of how others can help make the world a better place. Such pleas may be welcome occasionally, but for everyday posts, please find another subject. Likewise, if you join a particular group at school, don’t always brag about how you feel being a part of that group.A wise person said that excess of everything is bad…I think he was spot on ;)

• Unsolicited Photo Tags

There is a saying that the ones we love may not share our sorrows, but the ones who love us would always be there in our difficult times. As much as I appreciate the saying, I still wish that I wasn’t tagged to random photos of all sorts even by my dearest ones. Not only their contacts’ frivolous comments spam my newsfeed, but this all also shows on my timeline without, due to which, I have to downright block visibility of my tagged photos for the sake of my reputation.

• Treating Face-book As a Face-diary!

Blabbing every little detail about your day on Facebook such as what you had for lunch, what you bought in grocery, and what colors you prefer to wear at night, is not something every contact in your FB friend list wishes to know.Moreover, It doesn’t just become too open for general people, it’s also depreciates your credibility in other people’s eyes. They stop believing what information you disseminate about yourself, especially, if you are updating statuses and photos every few hours. With time you might also develop the habit of making things up and faking in photos.Whatever you do, stop giving out hourly personal reports.

• Vaguebooking

Another most annoying thing as when people record a thought as a status update which only makes the reader concerned about the one who wrote it. The habit has become so commonplace that urban dictionary has coined this new term “vaguebooking” for it. Such posts are created intentionally by attention-seekers to prompt their friends to inquire after the matter, and, to collect more comments and likes from their contacts.