social media to jump up the search rankings

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With the new Google update, many are searching for a new strategy that will work to gain ranking quickly and maintain it. One of the keys to gaining high rankings is to use social media profiles and backlinks. By using the right methods, you can find your website on the first page of Google within a couple of weeks, and you can keep it there.

This strategy has proven to work after the Google Penguin update and will help you gain the traffic you desire. Just like if you used one of the translation services to gain access to other global markets with your content, you can use social media to gain ranking with a new website or blog.

Here are a few tips to help you put your strategy together.

Use Social Media to Jump Up the Search Engine Rankings


1.  Target a Keyword Phrase

Most internet marketers already know how to target a keyword phrase, like “legal translations” properly. However, just to be sure, you need a density of around 2-3%. Use the keyword phrase in the title of the post or page and also use it in the first and last paragraph. That is all you need to worry about with your keyword phrase.

2.  Using the Right Social Sites

Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are key sites to use if you want to improve your rankings. Set up a profile on all of them. You may also want to use Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Four Square, FriendFeed, Tumblr and any of the others. You can actually set up your blog posts to automatically go out to over 40 social sites with a service called Onlywire. Regardless of what you decide to do, make sure you use Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

3.  Gaining Likes, Tweets and Plus 1s

After you create a post or a page and you submit it to your profiles on all your social sites, you want to gain likes, tweets and plus 1s. These will help you climb up the rankings in a hurry, and you can actually pay someone to get you all three. With about 1,000 tweets, 300 Facebook likes and 200 Google +1s you can climb the rankings in a hurry. Make sure you spread these out over about a 10 – 14 day period, or it may look unnatural.

4.  Maintaining with More

All you need to do to maintain your ranking from here is continue to get likes, tweets and plus ones. This will help you keep your ranking right where it is, and you will gain more traffic from the social sites, as well.

Use this strategy and make sure you test it with a new page or with a new blog post. You can adjust it a little, if necessary, to help you gain higher ranking as every keyword phrase and industry is different. If you do this correctly, you can gain a large amount of Google traffic and potentially go viral on the social sites.

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