Leveraging LinkedIn For Your SEO Campaign

If you are looking around for some good advice on using LinkedIn or for that matter any social media, you will in all likelihood receive the oft repeated advice to give your readers good quality content and treat the social media as a back link resource. Still another advice you might receive is to target blogs as the principal source for back links, because it is one of the widely held belief that readers trust blogs more than anything else for information.

Blogs have their own cup of woe. Quality blogs are overrun so much with requests for back links that they find it extremely difficult to entertain all requests that come their way. To be convincing you need to build relationships with blog owners and win their trust to get that much needed back link. LinkedIn is one such platform which will help you do that, and in as little time as possible. LinkedIn was intended to build relationships and find jobs, and that is what it remains… even to this day.

The fact is that LinkedIn is a highly potent social media networking site and has an excellent relationship with Google. However, what some may doubt is, how it can help you leverage when you are working on an SEO campaign? Well, the reach of LinkedIn is massive. But, again, what perplexes small businesses and individuals, as well as big businesses is how to go about doing it for SEO purposes?

At the core of all SEO campaigns, remember, is getting back links to your professional website, and that is what LinkedIn is all about, to put it in a nutshell.

LinkedIn for SEO Tips | Apps

Some level of understanding about LinkedIn is inevitable if you are to use it for SEO campaigns. There are several apps, including some that are specific to smartphones and iPads which can greatly enhance your SEO campaign. Describing every feature and tool available in LinkedIn maybe beyond the scope of this post, but laying your hands on information is not difficult. There are many resources that you can use effectively to learn in greater depth. One such resource you may want to consider using is at http://mashable.com/category/linkedin/ .

LinkedIn for SEO Tips | Targeted Marketed Back Links

Since LinkedIn is all about finding the right people or persons to request back link, chances are that you will find their profile listed out there. Searching for the right people there is easier because most have a detailed profile and you can narrow down on the right individual with minimal effort. If for example, you own a restaurant in New York and have a professional website, you can search the right kind of blog owners by linking to them through LinkedIn. Likewise, you can also put your company’s profile in LinkedIn and expected to be contacted over the network. It works to the benefit of both.

When you make request for back links the conventional way is to send email, but, chances are that your email never gets read, leave alone getting a reply. The advantage of LinkedIn is you can get to the employees directly and take matters up, that is, provided the employee has a LinkedIn profile. What more could you possibly ask for establishing connection with people you can use profitably? Making a direct connection with bloggers is not the only way to connect with blogs. There are lots of people with LinkedIn who can help you with establishing contact. All that you need to do is pursue everything to its logical end and in right earnest.

LinkedIn for SEO Tips

There are also some passive ways in which you can leverage your LinkedIn account to get what you are yearning for. For most part they are about writing your profile and getting connected. You can best leverage by

  1. Using the right Anchor Text. Instead of using some very obvious text like ‘My Blog’ for example, try writing something that is relevant to your professional website. Chances of getting a response that way is usually brighter and more pointed.
  2. At your professional website post links that point to your LinkedIn profile. That way, your prospect of getting noticed can improve manifold. Likewise, ask fellow bloggers you know to link to your profile in LinkedIn. It will give you that extra punch.
  3. Getting good visibility in organic searches of search engines is equally important, and the best way to achieve that is to use keywords that are relevant. Do some keywords research and find the best ones that suit you.
  4. Be liberal about giving back link to others provided that it does not adversely affect your websites credibility and standing. Trading in back links is legitimate and helps in getting good page ranking.
  5. If the organization where you work has multiple employees encourage them to get linked to LinkedIn and connect with them. That means you get several hands working for you and you working for them. Mutual promotion works for all stake holders.

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