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Online marketing articles- Tips on writing effectively

Online Marketing Articles
Online Marketing Articles

“Asked about the power of advertising in research surveys, most agree that it works, but not on them.” – Eric Clark, The Want Makers: Inside the World of Advertising.

Anyone who is advertising or selling a product online has written online marketing articles in order to promote their product.  Quite frankly, anyone can write an article and submit, but to get the most value from Internet marketing and get your highest rankings on search engine results pages, use these online marketing articles tips:

Online Marketing Articles Tips | Keyword rich

Relevant keyword rich articles can by tricky to write.  Relevant keywords are the words or phrases that users will use search engines for in order to search for the types of information they need to get.  The key for writing online marketing articles is to find the relevant keyword that creates a beneficial post without overdoing the keywords and turning off your reader.  I recommend keeping your keyword(s) to between 2-4% of your article.

Online Marketing Articles Tips | Introduction

The introduction of your article should tell the reader what you’re going to discuss, why, and have your keywords revealed.  I like to start the article with a quote, statistic, question, or attention grabber.  These introductions give people a reason to read the rest of your article.

Online Marketing Articles Tips | Headers

People like to quickly scan an article and pick out what they want to read. Therefore, I recommend using headers that describe what the article is about and what this particular segment will cover.  For example, a reader can look at this article and know immediately the topic is about online marketing articles tips and know that this segment is about headers.  If they’re looking for tips on headers, they’ll read; if not, they’ll move to a different section.  Ease of reading is important to obtain loyal and return readers.

Online Marketing Articles Tips | Conclusion

In the conclusion, I will typically briefly retell the reader what I told them. Avoid putting in new information in this section.  To most effectively use online marketing articles, grab the readers attention in the beginning, utilize the appropriate key works, break up the monotony of the page with headers, and finish with a conclusion.

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