Pinterest and Online Sales (Infographic)

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, but in the case of Pinterest, a picture could be worth a whole lot of traffic and more sales.

Shopify, an e-commerce platform utilized by thousands of online businesses, recently analyzed data from 25,000 of their online “stores” and what they found was enough to make any e-marketer sit up and take a very vested interest in Pinterest.  Their analysis showed that traffic coming from Pinterest is as much as that coming via Twitter. Pretty impressive given the “youth” of Pinterest compared to the more “aged” Twitter.

The infographic below on Pinterest and Online Sales details the affect that Pinterest is having on eCommerce.
pinterest online sales2 412x1024 Pinterest and Online Sales (Infographic)

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Tom Bukacek is a best selling author ("Marketing Miracles" with Dan Kennedy) on the subject of social media marketing. Mr. Bukacek is also the voice of 'Social Media In 7 Minutes', the online social media marketing training program that combines video training with a social media dashboard. Finally, Mr. Bukacek is the CEO of Black Box Social Media LLC, (BBSM) an online marketing company that uses the latest digital marketing strategies to allow businesses to get found and generate leads online. BBSM works with best selling authors, International speakers, real estate gurus, professional sports teams, and other types of professionals interested in branding their name and company online.

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