Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Search Engine Optimization TutorialSearch Engine Optimization Tutorial

Easy Steps To SEO For Your Website

Assuming that you already have a domain and basic structure set up for your site, here are some simple steps to optimizing your site for the search engines.

A Quick Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

  • Decide on your keywords – This should be a short list of 5 to 20 words and short phrases that are centered around your business or product offering.  There are many tools that will help you to find keywords that are relevant, even keywords that your competitors are using.  Try Google’s Keyword Tool or our other favorite Keyword Spy Tool.
  • Set Up Your Meta Tags – Meta Tags are information used by search engines to index pages as they crawl through a site.
  • Title Tag – The title tag is what a user sees at the top of a browser window when they are on your site as well as in the search result that links to your web page.  This tag should be short, less than 60 characters, and should summarize your website.
    • Meta Keyword Tag – The meta keywords tag should contain between 4 and 10 keywords or phrases separated by commas.  These keywords or phrases should relate to the topic of your site and should be used throughout the website pages.
    • Meta Description Tag – The meta description tag shows what information your website contains or what it is about.  This tag should be less than 200 characters in length and written in simple and concise sentences.
  • Register Your Website With The Search Engines – We like Submit Express for free submissions to 70+ search engines and directories all at once.  Visit them here (You will need to submit to Bing and Yahoo manually).
  • Link to relevant sites – Find sites that are similar to yours or that offer related services and ask them if you can do a link exchange.

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Easy Steps To SEO For Your Website