How to use Social Media Sites for Business

Social Media Sites | Tips on Using for Growing Your Business

social media sites
social media sites

Social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc… have expanded in popularity, and have a combined reach of over 200 million unique American households.  With such rapid growth and strong staying power, it’s no wonder businesses are looking for ways to reach out to new customers and connect with existing customers through social media sites.

Social media sites differ from conventional advertising.  With conventional advertising, a company could simply advertise a product to it’s clientele, and who ever was interested would purchase.  Social media sites work differently.  Instead of directly promoting your product, successful social media sites will instead promote content relative to the product and interact with people on the sites.

Social Media Sites | Example

For example, let’s say you are a Realtor.  Traditional advertising would have the Realtor let everyone know that he or she can sell your house on your behalf quickly.  But a Realtor looking to obtain new customers from social media sites will instead put out valuable, timely information related to buying and selling a house, like tips on home staging, the value of home inspections, or even the benefits of flat fee listings.  The point of advertising on social media sites is not to directly promote your product or service, but rather the point is to educate others on relevant topics related to your industry.  The more people learn from you, the more you will become an ‘expert’ in their eyes.  Then when they need a Realtors, they will seek you out.

The final tip on utilizing social media sites for business growth is to interact with people on the site.  In fact, most social media sites offer you the opportunity to create groups and encouraging participation in these groups is a good way to get people talking about and sharing your message. So find your favorite social media sites and create your own group while joining others. Start small with one or two groups, because if you are scattering your time across several different social media sites, then it will be much more difficult and less practical to effectively manage.

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