How to Write a Social Media Blog for Business

Social Media Blog | 3 Tips for writing a business blog

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How to write a social media blog for business

A social media blog is a great way for businesses to disseminate valuable information to their followers.  However, as is the key to any form of media, you must follow a process in order to ensure that your social media blog is read.  After all, a company’s commercial does the company no good if viewers refuse to watch.  As such, you will want to create your social media blog in a manner that creates an instant interest for a reader, a style that allows them to make a quick scan, and a tone that encourages them to read the article.  The following are my 3 tips for writing a social media blog for your business:

Social Media Blog for Business Tips | Eye catching title

Here’s an interesting statistic: On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. Therefore, a catchy title is the secret to getting people to read your social media blog, and why it so highly determines the effectiveness of the entire piece.  After all, the headline is going to make the first impression of your social media blog for the reader.  Asking questions in the title, having a ‘how to’ title, or giving a number of tips (7 Tips to wealth creation…) are all ways to garner attention to the body of your social media blog.  For more information on how to write an eye catching header for your social media blog, read this article.

Social Media Blog for Business Tips | Quick read

  • Headlines:  No one wants to read ‘War and Peace’ sized blogs online.  Even a series of paragraphs is unappealing to the eye, and will cause many people to move on from your social media blog without reading the valuable content. After a catchy title, I like to put a brief summary sentence further describing what the blog is about in a Header 1 font (captures attention).  These two steps will increase the likelihood that your content will be viewed.  Other tips: Use bullet points to break up the monotony of the page.  People should be able to quickly scan your article and read the sub sections of interest.  Here are some tips on making your social media blog more readable:
  • Include pictures– if you can download some nice pictures from royalty free sites, it helps make the article more attractive to readers.  My personal favorite site for pics is  Make sure you leave an attribution to the photographer when you use these photos.
  • Use headers to break up subject matter– for example, I’m using header 2 font for ‘Social media Blog for Business Tips and putting the subject matter I’m focusing on.  This allows the reader to look at the topic and decide which subset of the social media blog they want to read.
  • If you can, include video into posts.  Not every likes to read and not everyone likes to watch video.  Having both options will definitely help the popularity of your social media blog.
  • Bolding key words.  Bolding key words in your social media blog attracts attention to those items upon which you want the reader to focus.  This process works well in bullet points.

Social Media Blog for Business Tips | Friendly tone

I recommend writing in a manner in which you would speak with someone.  Don’t necessarily write as though you’re submitting your social media blog to your English teacher for a grade, but at the same time, too many spelling errors will take away from you message.  Keep the tone casual and friendly.  Avoid throwing in several filler words just to increase your word count.

Remember, the goal of your social media blog is to write it in a manner in which people will be willing to read your message. By following the 3 tips listed above, people will be more willing to read your social media blog.

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