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5 Steps to Implementing a Social Media SEO Plan

Social Media SEO
Social Media SEO

When considering to utilize the benefits of social media marketing, you will want to develop a plan with a well defined end in site.  Unless you know exactly where you are going, you will not know how to get there.  Here are 5 simple steps to assist you in implementing a social media SEO plan:

Social Media SEO |Target Your Market

Who is your target market and where do they go online?  Understanding your potential customer’s behaviors, preferences, and sharing / reposting habits is important.

Social Media SEO |Establish Your Goals

Goals are often driven by marketing, revenue, and/or sales, and Social Media SEO has long been accountable to substantial improvements in web sales. It’s important to realize that social media is not direct marketing and as such, different objectives and measurements should apply. The role of social media SEO is to directly influence discovery of social communities or content website via search. Do a search for any item that you may be interested in purchasing on Google, for example, and you’ll easily find more than shoes: facebook, craigslist posts, blogs, YouTube, twitter, ezine articles, etc… are all on the first page of search results.

Social Media SEO |Build Your Plan

The plan for achieving your goals in a combined social media SEO effort will often focus on content and interaction, since it is content that people discover and share.  Remember, unlike traditional marketing where you put out a message and hope the masses listen, social media is a two way street, and back and forth communication is the key to optimizing social media SEO.  Whether a keyword-focused strategy for reaching goals means publishing new content or creating an opportunity for consumer-generated content, it must involve proactive promotion, consistency, and easy sharing among members of the online community.

Social Media SEO |Find Your Players

Which online social media outlets are you going to use?  Will you use articles and blogs, or will you incorporate video?  Be remarkable in your planning and implementing.  Don’t treat your social media avenues like a static commercial.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube provide great avenues for back and forth communication, and a remarkable marketing program can turn viral in an instant!

Social Media SEO |Analyze your Data

The most important guideline is to define actionable metrics. Obviously these types of social media analytics metrics are going to be unique to your business.  Choose key performance indicator metrics that translate into business context ( sales & revenue, new leads & customers, opt in rates, customer interaction, conversions, etc.).  Look for more than just number of friends, fans, followers, or viewers.
Define actionable social media analytics (number of people in a specific location who follow your company on Twitter, reduction in sales cycles, reduction in support costs, increase in product reviews, etc…)

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