Web 2.0 Optimization

What is Web 2.0 Optimization?

Web 2.0 Optimization
Web 2.0 Optimization

Web 2.0 Optimization is the process of designing web sites, articles, blogs, videos, and other online content to achieve domain authority and increase visibility by obtaining rankings in the first three pages of search engines for a particular keyword or keyword phrase.  With so many expensive ways to advertise, savvy businesses will want to take advantage of inexpensive, yet effective methods of advertisement.  Web 2.0 optimization allows the business or entrepreneurs to get their word or message out to potentially more people online than a commercial on the Super Bowl would…with a millionth of the cost!

Why Web 2.0 Optimization

Search, using search engines, is still the most popular organic method to find out about products, services, and information. Therefore, if you want to make sure that interested potential buyers can find you, your web content must be picked up by search engine results pages through your Web 2.0 optimization.

Web 2.0 Optimization |Topical Relevance

Search engines determine relevance by evaluating keywords and phrases and comparing those keywords and phrases to web pages indexed in the search engine’s database.  Upon completion of this analysis process, the search engine delivers the results considered to be most relevant to the searched topic.

Web 2.0 Optimization |Topical Authority

In addition to topic relevance, search engines also factor in how authoritative the web content is.  The algorithms for web 2.0 optimiztion evaluate numerous off-page elements to determine how authoritative an item of web content is, such as how long the domain has been registered and how many links are leading to the web content.

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