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Curt Maly

Curt Maly – CBDO ~ Curt has always had a knack for sales. His first job at age 15 was as a Telemarketer selling subscriptions renewals from a call center located in Yutan, Nebraska. During Curt’s days in Corporate America, he has worked in a consulting capacity with the likes of Apple, Microsoft, the United States Postal Service, and the National Rifle Association, as well as a handful of other large and small clients you may or may not know. Regardless of the client, the outcomes of his efforts were always the same: creating a process utilizing the latest technologies in order to increase sales to surpass client’s expectations.

As a real estate investor on Austin, Texas, Curt found that he could utilize nontraditional means of advertising and stand out from his competition in order to buy and sell more houses. Eventually, Curt fell more in love with the marketing aspects of utilizing web 2.0 strategies to perform real estate transactions than real estate itself. Thus, he and fellow real estate investor Nick Bridges both created a company, Black Box Social Media that would be dedicated to assisting other business owners in the creation and implementation of a marketing plan that would utilize the latest technologies in order to generate more profits. As a student of the web 2.0 platform, Curt has developed multiple social media marketing strategies that are designed to generate more leads and close more sales in today’s tough economic climate.

Curt has been featured in a national real estate infomercial as well as a contributing author in Mark Victor Hansen’s book, Writings From the Heart, which also featured contributions from the likes of Jim Rohn and Jeffery Combs.

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Nick Bridges

Nick Bridges – CTO ~ Nick has been involved in sales and marketing ever since entering the workforce in 2001.

He has worked in various outside sales and direct sales positions throughout his career, but in 2007, his entrepreneurial spirit got the better of him and he became owner of a successful Real Estate Investing company. For the next three years, Nick and Curt were ‘competitors’ in the real estate online marketing space in Austin, Texas. Finally, in 2010, they joined forces to create Black Box Social Media, LLC.

Nick is the voice of Social Media in 7 Minutes training videos. Nick graduated in 2001 from Texas A&M with a degree in International Business and Marketing.

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Tom Bukacek

Tom Bukacek – CEO ~

Tom Bukacek is a best selling author (“Marketing Miracles” with Dan Kennedy) on the subject of social media marketing.  Mr. Bukacek is also the voice of ‘Social Media In 7 Minutes’, the online social media marketing training program that combines video training with a social media dashboard.

Finally, Mr. Bukacek is the CEO of Black Box Social Media LLC, (BBSM) an online marketing company that uses the latest digital marketing strategies to allow businesses to get found and generate leads online.

BBSM works with best selling authors, International speakers, real estate gurus, professional sports teams, and other types of professionals interested in branding their name and company online.

Tom has his BSBA from the University of Nebraska Omaha and his MBA from the University of Phoenix.

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