What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying…

Sarah Mae Ives

“I hope that this would help encourage someone else to sign up for your program as well, because it’s definitely been life-changing for me!”

Brandon Fargo

“The guidance that I’ve gotten has absolutely been instrumental in my growth. Not only as an agency, but personally as well!”

Patty Dominguez

“They are so in integrity, I mean they want to make sure that you are learning. That if you are taking committed action you are going to get results! That’s just the way it is.”

Marquel Russell

“The numbers are insane right now…For our current campaign for every dollar we are putting in we’re getting about 10 dollars [back] from the ad campaign we’ve got going right now!”

Brian Johnson

“The Genius dramatically changed the quality of my life and the quantity of the people that I get to serve…Make a decision now to let the Genius work on your stuff if it makes sense for both of you. I do not know of anyone better, so I encourage you to work with the best!”

Sherry Ward

“One of our videos has hit 3.7 Million Views…We are now in 26 states in the United States and 6 Canadian Provinces all because of the work that Curt and Nick through Social Media Ad Genius has helped us!”

Susan Peirce Thompson

“This campaign would not have been a New York Times Bestseller without you two. I just want you to know that. No way, we were not making it with our list…The 10 or 11,000 that we sold here, that was through the Facebook ads, that was all Facebook ads! Oh my gosh, thank you so much Curt!”

Peter Lubell

“[The BBSM] program has helped the Austin Toros become the most exciting and active social media player in the entire NBA Development League. [They’ve] not only taken us to a new level, but taught us how we can do it on our own in the future which has been a great lesson in social media for our entire staff!

Steve Jaffe

“My Go-To guy to learn how to advertise on Facebook is Curt Maly. He is really, I would say, the number 1 guy in the circles that he runs in to teach Facebook marketing…If you want to get up to speed on Facebook marketing, these guys are THE guys”

Jeff Sauer

“If you are looking to change the course of your business, if you are looking for somebody to keep you on track, hold you accountable, and keep you motivated – I can’t recommend them [Curt & Nick] highly enough. They’ve been really great to me!”



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