How to Use Social Media for SEO

Whether you were comfortable working with keywords and links or you barely had a chance to learn SEO before Google changed the playing field, you have no other choice but to accept that social media is necessary for search engine optimization and increasing the visibility of your websites. Take a look at the competition, and […]

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Promote Your Business Using Facebook Timeline

Social Media Tips To Get Amazing Facebook Page

Facebook, nowadays, has become a foremost preciosity for its users. None the less, now most business houses are also considering their facebook presence as an integral part of their promotional activities.  Moreover, creating a page on facebook is an emerging trend in the social arena. Creating a facebook page is just the beginning and you […]

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Ron Paul

Which GOP Candidate Gets the Most Positive Tweets?

    According to the corporate media, Congressman Ron Paul from Texas has no chance of winning the nomination for the GOP.  According to social media, no one seems to be able to beat Ron Paul.  Which one is right? Ron Paul and the Corporate Media It appears that the corporate media has a bias […]

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