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How to Use Wikipedia

Sure you know how to look up an article and probably think you know most all there is to know about how to use Wikipedia.  However with over three million articles, it can get difficult at times to sift through all of the garbage to find quality content.  Thats why we want to provide Read More

Tips to Create A Rave with Social Media Marketing World Wide

Well, the dictionary defines rave as an all-night party or a never ending enthusiasm. What we mean by creating a rave worldwide? We refer to a business or just news that gains immense popularity overnight. Have you noticed the ‘people talking about’ section on the left panel Read More

What is the Google Panda Update 3.3? (Infographic)

The Google Panda Update strikes again! The goal of the search engine giant has always been to provide users with what they are searching for in as quick and simple a manner as possible.  The most common obstacle to this equation is generally spam or content farm sites.  Therefore, Read More

Facebook Clickjacking

Facebook clickjacking has been an ongoing problem with the social media network over the years and finally Facebook has decided to take the issue to court.  Some of you may not know what clickjacking is, but chances are you’ve experienced it if you use the social media site. Read More

Social Media Site Megaupload Shut Down

  So you may have heard that the social media site Megaupload shut down today.  They are the first major victim of the anti-piracy bill, SOPA.  Megaupload shut down just one day after the online SOPA protests in which many prominent webpages blacked out their pages for Read More

Online Protests Help Postpone the PIPA Vote!

“In light of recent events, I have decided to postpone Tuesday’s vote on the PROTECT IP Act,” said Reid in a statement Friday morning. The online protests help postpone the PIPA vote as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) put the brakes on a PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) Read More

Is SOPA and PIPA Bad For the Internet?

You may notice that something is different with some of your favorite sites today;  Wikipedia is down; WordPress is dark; and one of my favorite social media blogs, Social Media Today, is protesting as well and asking you to petition Congress. What in the name of the black Read More

How to Create Memes on Google+

How to Create Memes We want to teach you how to create memes on Google+ because once you’re an expert (and its not that difficult) you can create viral images for your brand in no time.  So lets go over the history of memes so that you can brainstorm some ideas for how to create Read More

Payvement’s Social Commerce Feature for Facebook

Social Commerce I’m sure many of you social media marketing ladies and men tuned in at least briefly to Facebook’s f8 conference, and some of you may have heard word of Payvment’s new social commerce feature for Facebook.  During that time, you may have been asking yourself, what Read More

The Google Facebook War: The Beginnings

  Recent years have witnessed many battles between web giants Facebook and Google, but where did it all begin?  More recently Google launched their biggest weapon of mass destruction, Google+, and Facebook may be rethinking strategy.  Up until this point Facebook has Read More

Social Media Optimization SMO – Your One-Stop Instant Traffic Source

Before moving on to the details, we should first know what exactly is Social Media optimization? Blogs, Social News, Social Networking, Online Video are the elements facilitating the process to which we refer as social media optimization (SMO) The concept following SMO is straightforward: Read More