The Power of YouTube for SEO

When used correctly, Youtube videos can be a powerful asset to your online presence. Not only do Youtube videos appear in the Google index almost instantly, but they show a strong correlation to top rankings. Google spent 2 Billion dollars to buy Youtube in order to get ranking data and deliver a better user experience for search. If one thing is for sure, it’s that you need be using the power of YouTube for your SEO efforts. Learn how a few simple tricks on YouTube can drastically increase leads, conversions and traffic.

How to Leverage the Power of YouTube

Keep in mind that over 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube servers every single minute. Given the stiff competition, you need to take advantage of any possible tactics that can make your video stand out. Fortunately, YouTube users spend roughly 4 billion hours watching video each month on YouTube, so there is enough volume for everyone.

Follow a Few Tips:

  • Don’t make a video with only pictures, actual “video” ranks signifcantly better.
  • Write good titles, use standard SEO practices in picking your phrases.
  • Tags matter, select at least 12 tags for good video SEO.
  • Provide closed caption data, this will help Google what the video is about and determine what it should rank for.
  • Don’t refresh to increase view count, this will make it seem like users leave your video after a second or two.
  • User engagement is important, try to pull in viewers within the first few minutes.

Social Media’s Importance

Simply having a video on YouTube is not enough to get ranking authority from it. In order for the video to pass maximum value, it needs its own ranking authority.

Fact: Videos that are embedded more tend to rank higher.

Given that you need actual user engagement to get a high ranking video, you should push for real user engagement. Black Hat methods of simulating user engagement do nothing but hurt the potential of the video. Google knows how difficult it is to get viewers to your video. Show them that you are capable of getting a few hundered natural visitors, and they will help you take the video to the next level.

4 Tips for Social Media:

  1. Conduct Manual Outreach – Message bloggers, ask them to embedd your video
  2. Ask your friends to retweet and share your video, you would be surprised how effective this can be.
  3. Post your video on niche forums and message boards.
  4. Promote it to your current fans and followers. Ask for their help in sharing it. Incentivise them.

How to Get your Video Ranking High

Publishing content frequently establishes your presence on YouTube. If your channel only has one video, your second video will probably not rank that well. Keep posting videos and do not get discouraged. Many social marketing companies can manage your YouTube account for you good, good marketing companies will generate their own content on your behalf. Sometimes this is a more effective route to go.

The user metrics of YouTube, “Likes” and “favorites”, will increase your video’s ranking in both Google search and on Youtube itself. Make sure to mention these in the video, tell your users to like and favorite the video. Offer a prize / contest for users that favorite your video or share it with their friends.
Respond to comments, especially those posted in the first few hours after your video is uploaded. Comments are direct user interaction and more comments correlates to better rankings. Do whatever it takes to maximize user interaction. Ask a question in your video, this will prompt users to leave comments. When you reply to comments, ask another question.

Lastly, do not be tempted to use automated methods. Google is very good about analyzing these. They have dozens of engineers that train to find and penalize these tactics. Common black hat video tactics include the “mobile view bot” and “like bot”, these will do signifcantly more harm than good.

This post was written by Jesse Leimgruber – Jesse is currently studying computer science at Stanford University. He is the President of Rank Executives, an internet marketing and SEO company based in Orlando, FL. Jesse enjoys studying the effects of social media on SEO and maximizng this into more visits and conversions.