Unblock Facebook Login Page

Yesterday we ran into an issue with a client that needed to unblock Facebook login page. As we looked into the issue it seems that this is a much more widespread issue than we first thought. To unblock a Facebook login page is not difficult, though there could be a couple of fixes to get the job done.  Our first thought as to why the Facebook login page was locked was our client being blocked by the proxy. This is easy to test with a great site called ‘Hide My Ass.’  This service provides a free proxy to surf anonymously online, hide your IP address, secure your internet connection, hide your internet history, and protect your online identity. Basically, some websites may be blocked on your internet connection so using the free proxy will allow you through and unblock the Facebook login page.

[NOTE: There are many ways to get around whatever is blocking your access to sites on the internet, but if it’s a work or school computer on which you are trying to bypass security functions we encourage you to act cautiously and we do not condone you breaking any rules or terms of use.]

If the site above does not work for you we found a great list of other potential fixes to unblock your Facebook login page on facebookloginhelp.com:

Steps to unblock Facebook Login Page | From FacebookLoginHelp.com

1. Unblock Facebook Using an Online Proxy Website

  • Goto your website browser and Search for online proxy Site.
  • You can see a box where you can add a web URL. Type “http://www.facebook.com” in the appropriate field box.
  • Click Go, you will be redirected to Facebook Login Homepage.

2. Unblock Facebook Using a Translation Service

  • Go to your website browser and Search for online translation service website such as Google Translate Website.
  • Configure the translation tool to convert from Spanish (or other languages) to English.
  • In the appropriate field box, Type “http://www.facebook.com”.
  • Click “Translate”.
  • Click the “Go to www.Facebook.com” link to visit the Facebook website through the translation service.

3. Unblock Facebook Using a Gmail Account

  • First, login to your Gmail Account.
  • Click the “Options” icon in the upper right side of the window and select “Mail Settings” from the menu.
  • In the “Settings” options menu, click “Labs”.
  • Go to the “Add any gadget by URL” section and select the “Enable” radio button. Click “Save Changes.”
  • In the “Add any gadget by URL” section box, Type: http://www.francesco-castaldo.com/fb-gadget/gBook.xml. 
  • Finally Click “Add”.
  • Log into your Facebook account using the gBook Facebook login field boxes located in the left-side menu panel of your Gmail account to unblock Facebook.
It turns out that in order to unblock the Facebook login page for our client all that was needed was the proxy trick that we outlined above. If your Facebook Page is not allowing you to access the page after logging into Facebook it may be that your Facebook Page has been hacked for which we’ve outlined instructions that could possibly get your page back. Unfortunately, there are many Facebook pages that are hacked every day and there is no guarantee that your page will ever be returned to it’s rightful owner.