Video Clips Marketing

Video Clips Marketing
Video Clips Marketing

Using Video Clips For Marketing

There are millions of video clips available to watch online made by both amateurs and professionals.  How can you use video clips marketing for your business and how can you compete with so much content already available?

5 Tips For Successful Video Clips Marketing

  1. Keep It Brief – Shakespeare said “Brevity is the soul of wit,” we say ‘brevity is the key to your success’ with your online videos.  Your video should be around 15 – 30 seconds and definitely under 5 minutes unless you’ve got some REALLY compelling content.
  2. Content Is King – Whether you want a hundred views or a million, your video’s content has got to be both interesting and entertaining.  Nobody is going to share a video that makes them go to sleep.
  3. Tag It Right – By using keyword strategies and phrasing correctly you can maximize the distribution of your videos across video sites, social networks, and even search engines.  The more your video is viewed, the better chance of people passing it along and the video going viral.
  4. Be Real – People can smell insincerity from a mile away and they can definitely see it in your video.  Be yourself and don’t try to pull one over on people, and if you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, use someone that is.
  5. Syndicate – Video syndication is the ‘secret sauce’ that will help your video clips marketing strategy go into orbit.  Video syndication services will blast your videos out to dozens or even hundreds of video sites with just the click of a few buttons.  Our favorite video syndication service is Traffic Geyser and is used by tons of online marketing professionals.
One last piece of advice that is imperative.  You must include your website in the description of your video.  By doing this you will see traffic coming to your site from all over the web after people have watched your videos.

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