Video Marketing For Newbies

Video Marketing For Newbies
Video Marketing For Newbies

Video Marketing For Newbies

How one newbie went from nothing to $15,000+ a month using YouTube

Most people don’t even know what the word “etymologist” means, so it’s pretty darn impressive that Marina Orlova has made millions being one online!

An “Etymologist” studies and teaches the history of a language. It might sound boring, but it’s Orlova’s passion so she decided to take her love of words to the masses – and she’s done so in the most entertaining of ways.

The 5’ 5” buxom blonde Russian immigrant began dressing as a sexy school teacher and launched videos on YouTube explaining words as simple as “okay” and as complex as “antidisestablishmentarianism.” Soon after, she launched a channel and website, both called HotForWords. After only five months, Orlova’s YouTube channel gained 300,000 viewers, and since has become a regular guest on Fox News shows like “The O’Reilly Factor”.

Video Marketing For Newbies | Marina Was Once A Newbie

But things didn’t start out so easily for Orlova. The attractive Russian, who has two degrees in philology (the study of language), began her career teaching English and world literature to high school students in Moscow. Then, hoping to turn her beauty into a modeling career, she moved to the U.S., but didn’t find much success. Instead she worked for two years as a nanny.
When Orlova finally launched on YouTube, her first few videos attracted almost no hits, and the amount of her YouTube checks added insult to injury: The first was for $20 and the second was for $35. When she called to complain to YouTube about the tiny checks, she was told “change the category from information to entertainment, that’s where all the money is.” Orlova heeded the advice and switched. Sure enough, her next check was more than $15,000 for a single month, due to all of the advertising her site attracted.
The increase in income was also due to Orlova’s increase in organic popularity. And that was due to her ability to make complex information simple – and engaging. You see, Orlova built a YouTube personality. She starts out every video with her signature “Hello my dear students,” and displays as much cleavage as she possibly can without crossing the line into adult entertainment!
Today, the Internet vocab diva – voted World’s #1 Sexiest Geek by both Wired and Maxim magazines – continues to use her website to teach, as well as to sell her book “Hot for Words.” Her lesson for today? S.E.X.I. Sells or Success = Entertainment + Xitement + Information.

Article adapted with permission from our friends at Get Rich Click! with ClickBank

Image: Youtube

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