Viral Video Marketing

Viral Video Marketing
Viral Video Marketing

What is a Viral Video Marketing and How Do I Use it?

A viral video is a video that becomes increasingly popular and is shared through media channels such as blogs, websites, email, and social networks. Although the name could elicit negative connotations, viral video marketing is typically a good thing for a business.  Sites such as YouTube and Facebook as well as an individual’s ability to record video with cell phones and inexpensive digital cameras have led to the increasing number of viral videos that are released and shared.  Thus viral video marketing should be a marketing strategy that is considered by any company seeking to build brand recognition. One of the earliest and most well known examples of a viral video was the ‘Dancing Baby,’ an animated baby that dances the Cha Cha, which appeared in 1996.

Why is a Viral Video Marketing Good For My Company?

As technology has shifted we have also seen a shift in advertising methodology.  While print, radio, and television advertising have begun to decline, we have seen online advertising increase dramatically.  We have also seen consumers wise up to sneaky advertising strategies, but the beauty of viral video marketing is that people want to share your message with others because they find it fascinating or entertaining.

What can a successful viral video bring to you and your company?

  1. Millions of eyeballs on your video
  2. Increased awareness of your brand – lots of eyes on your video equals lots of brand awareness
  3. Increased buzz about your brand – people will talk about your video and ultimately your brand
  4. Low cost advertising – your only expense is the cost of the video itself
  5. Residual rewards – videos stay around for a long time so consumers will continue to come across your video
  6. Free Media Exposure – some viral videos are picked up and shared by major news sources and networks

How do you create a viral video?

There is no exact formula for creating viral videos, but here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Keep it short – 15 to 90 seconds in length. Online viewers attention spans are short!
  • Make it funny – Most viral videos make you laugh so keep it light.
  • Have a good title and use keywords are important – Make it so that people can find the video easily
  • Post it everywhere – YouTube is important, but you must share on blogs, social networks, and other high traffic sites.  You can use video syndication programs such as Traffic Geyser to assist with this process.

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