What Should Be Your Expectations of Google+?

Expectations of Google+
Has Facebook Won the Social Media Battle?

Facebook, any way you look at it, is the king of social media.

However, trying to make its way on the scene of social media marketing is Google+, Google’s answer to Facebook. Oh, they had big promises as they came into the marketplace, but the harsh reality is that Google+ is simply no Facebook.

While I personally enjoy some of the benefits of G+, such as the Circles, the design, the ease of uploading video quickly, & video chat, the fact is that all these benefits just don’t seem to be enough to entice me to switch from the well established habit of using Facebook to G+.  It’s just my theory, but if G+ was created before Facebook, G+ would be the social media giant because the platform is a little better.  This is a good lesson in why you don’t want to come up with a good idea second.

But, fear not, if you have invested time and energy into their new social product, as it does have it’s purposes and there is a reason why you should keep it up- SEO or search engine optimization.

The Main Google+ Advantage

What you will find in the ever growing field of search engine optimization is that you have to have a bunch of eggs in your basket, one them being Google+. This tool is greatly influencing the results of its highly coveted searches and you can help your site be ranked higher in the results by logging into your Google+ account on a regular basis. Another tool that is being used by Google is Search Plus Your World. This incorporates search results from your circle’s experience. It’s a more personalized tool than Facebook, but it’s rarely used by most Google +ers.

However, as far as SEO goes, Google+ has greatly influenced the results of its searches. By logging into your Google+ account, any of your pages or those of people in your circles have more probability of appearing in the “related people and pages” bar when you conduct a search in Google. The company is ranking their pages and people higher whenever they set up a Google+ account. Is this fair? Who’s to say? But it’s true and by playing the game and setting up your account, you can get better rankings. So regardless of what you’re searching for, the results are skewed/influenced by your Google account.

The magic number to get your website higher in the searches is apparently once every 72 hours. Research shows that within 3 days of each post, you will rank higher in those serches that have anything to do with your type of page. To be prepared for this, have your website ready to take advantage of the heavier exposure that comes from higher SEO rankings.

So, the bottom line is that while users cannot begin to expect the kind of social media marketing that Facebook contributes, there are some uses to Google+ and it should be used in conjunction with your other SEO techniques to keep your site at the top of King Google’s search results.

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