A Petition To Facebook… Concerning the default landing tab

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On Wednesday, February 29, 2012, Facebook began the initial rollout of Timeline for Brands. The anticipation for this event has been coming for some time now, but one key feature to the rollout has Facebook Page owners ‘steaming mad.’

Facebook Killed The Default Landing Tab

In the new Facebook Timeline Page, page admins will no longer be able to direct ‘non-fans’ to a default landing Page. For many internet marketers and business owners this has been a hugely important component of their marketing efforts on Facebook.  All visitors to any Facebook Timeline Page will now be sent to the wall and will only be able to access these tabs by clicking through to them (which will greatly diminish the number of eyeballs that see these tabs).

Sign the petition to bring back default landing tabs for pages in Timeline… And then share it with others!

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The petition above is collecting signatures from page admins and other Facebook users that want Facebook to bring back the landing tab feature to Facebook’s new Timeline format. We believe that Facebook has made these changes to force page admins to spend money on Facebook Pay-per-click to advertise to specific tabs.

Over the last year and a half Facebook has quietly snuffed out the methods of individuals and businesses that had found ways of marketing for free using the social media platform. This is just the next step in monetizing the platform and the timing is just right considering Facebook’s anticipated IPO.

The goal of the petition is to collect 100,000 signatures to send to Facebook by March 31, 2012, the date when all pages will be forced to use Timeline.

There is strength in numbers…

This is not the first time that Black Box Social Media has stood up for a change to Facebook. In early 2011 an Algerian hacker network gained access to 1000’s of Facebook pages and removed the rightful administrators from those pages and began posting messages concerning their own agendas (even blackmailing and threatening administrators for retaliating).  Black Box became a sounding board and a place for up to date news on the events as they unfolded and soon posted instructions on the methods that we used to get back a client’s page from the hackers.

Although Facebook never made a public statement about the issues surrounding these happenings or the vast number of emails that we, and our brigade of administrators trying to get our pages back, sent to support; Facebook quickly made changes to the security settings for anyone trying to add or delete an administrator for a page.

By signing the above petition we can send a message to Facebook to return the right to choose what message is received by people that visit our pages.