Facebook Fan Page Hacked? Get Your Page Back Here! 5 Easy Steps!

Facebook Fan Page Hacked?
Facebook Fan Page Hacked?

Facebook Fan Page Hacked? Get Your Page Back Here! 5 Easy Steps!

Within the last 30 days one of our High Profile VIP Clients got their Facebook fan page hacked. Some hacker, hacked into the Fanpage and stole access to our fan page.

If you have not heard about the back story of how 1,000 Facebook Fan Pages recently got hacked, check out our story: 1,000+ Facebook Page Hacked!

Our staff quickly went through the Facebook FAQ to find a solution to this Facebook fan page hacked.

Our staff scoured the hundreds of pages of Facebook looking for answers. What we found was quite amazing. When someone hijacks your Facebook Fan page, Facebook will actually protect the hackers rights! I will talk about that more later in this post.

Facebook fan page hacked | Someone Help!

When we submitted several trouble tickets to Facebook we received the same canned response:

This is what we received when we filed a Facebook Copyright Complaint [fblocker]



Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Please note it is not technically possible to hack a Facebook Page. As long as the current administrators of a Page keep their login details secure, and do not allow any suspicious people to become admins, then the Page will remain secure.

Unfortunately, we cannot make any changes to a Page’s administrative privileges. However, if you believe that this Page infringes your intellectual property rights, then provide the following:

– Clarification as to what rights are being infringed upon (trademark, copyright, defamation, etc.)

– A description of the exact content or posts that infringe these rights. Be sure to include as much detail as possible, including names of responsible users, dates/times, and links (URLs) to this content as it appears on Facebook.

– A description of how this material infringes your rights.

We can then look into removing this Page from the site.

To learn how to report impostor profiles, hacked accounts, or other security or privacy violations, please visit the following page from Facebook’s Help Center:


Thanks for contacting Facebook,


User Operations


… but CEO Mark Zukerberg has his Facebook fan page hacked a few weeks ago…

What?!?!?! How could Facebook send us this email when CEO Mark Zukerberg Fanpage was hacked few weeks ago! How can Facebook claim that Facebook Fan pages cannot get hacked when their own CEO was clearly hacked?

Check out the full article here: http://mashable.com/2011/01/26/mark-zuckerberg-fan-page-hacked/

Our staff quickly realized that the Facebook FAQ and the limited access points to Facebook support were failing so we all headed to Google for answers.

Once we typed in ‘Facebook Fan page Hacked’ we saw hundreds of recent results and we were shocked to discover so many other Facebook customers had jaw dropping experiences in trying to fight with Facebook for months to get their hacked Facebook fan page back!

We decided to launch a full Social Media campaign to get our clients Facebook fan page back.

  • We wrote articles on all of our high trafficked sites
  • We issued press releases
  • We thoroughly posted in as many Facebook help forums as possible to reach out to others affected with the problem
  • We contacted hacker networks to try to find a solution
  • We filled out every Facebook submission form we could find

Our websites, articles and press releases all started gaining a ton of views and hundreds of other people who got their Facebook fan page hacked started reaching out to us.

We started to form a movement online. With the power of Social Media we were gaining attention from all over the world.

We received an email from Facebook Pay Per Click support requesting our feedback. This was yet another source that we had not tried to pursue to get our Facebook fan page back.

Facebook Pay Per Click Contacted us!


We decided to reach out to this group with the following email. Keep in mind we then set this email inquiry to ALL OF THE FOLLOWING SUPPORT LINKS!

Email EVERY Facebook form that you can find!

Email template we suggest you send to EVERY Facebook form that you can find!


Hello Facebook,

I am a social media marketing expert and I run fan pages for celebrities in different niches.

XXXX is a high profile client of mine.


The original fan page creator is XXXX XXX back in early October. XXXX used the following email address to set up the account XXXXXXX@gmail.com

After the fan page was created XXX added me (XXXX XXXX) as a page administrator XXXXXX@aol.com

After the page was completed we added our client XXXX XXXX as a page administrator with the following email address: XXXXXX@gmail.com

We also made XXX’s wife a page administrator XXXXXX@gmail.com

January 20th XXXX made Bilal XXXX http://www.facebook.com/#!/XXXXXX=wall a page administrator to help manage the account.

These were the only authorized administrators on the XXXX XXXX fan page.

Here is a rough time line of the events as they unfolded to bring you up to date. This will give you and all of your associates a good idea of what is going on with our page.

  • 10 am, Sunday , February 12th: XXXX noticed that he no longer had administrator rights to the fan page
    • I check my access and I checked XXXX’s and XXXXX’s access and all admin access had been removed
  • 11:00 am, Sunday , February 12th: XXXX and scoured through the Facebook FAQ for Fan page and security and this is all that we could find:
  • 3:00 pm, Sunday , February 12th: After hours of searching we submitted trouble tickets through the following sites:
  • 2:47 pm, Monday, February 13th: We noticed someone posted the following wall post: “Happy Valentine’s Day !”
    • This post was not made by anyone in our group
  • 4:00 pm , Monday, February 13th : While researching the problem Nick came across another fan page with the exact same post “Happy Valentine’s Day !” at the exact same time
  • Here is the fan page that we found: http://www.facebook.com/VolcanoECig#!/VolcanoECig
  • While reading the post, we found out that a hacker had broken into their fan page and was trying to extort money from the fan page owner.

We started to search and found more examples of this hacking

  • Other pages have been deleted because people are finding it easier to start over then to speak with Facebook
  • There is currently no other way to search to see who else this effected
  • 6:00 pm, Monday , February 13th : Upon further research we found the following articles posted on a hacker site

In the above article we see that the Hacker Site fan page was even hacked! There was a later post that the page owner got his account back

We have written to the site owner from an email address found on the fan page to see if he can help regain us access

  • For the past week we have been searching Facebook FAQ’s and writing to as many people as possible and no one, until you, have gotten back to us.
  • We have located a lot of forums were other users have complained that in recent weeks that their fan pages have also been hacked in the same way.
  • The hackers have been posting to our fan page on a regular basis but they have not contacted us directly. Have the hackers posted anything on your page that you can quote below?
  • First post on Feb 13th – “ Happy Valentine’s Day ! “ – This has since been deleted by the hacker
  • 2nd post – Feb 16th – LIKE this page , because tomorrow 17/02/2011 Republic of Kosovo has the 3rd birthdate http://www.facebook.com/rks.kosova
  • 3rd post – Feb 18th (Today) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Inbox-1-makes-me-smiley/194570857228594
  • 4th post – Feb 18th (Today) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Inbox-1-makes-me-smiley/194570857228594
  • I have also noticed that we have started to lose fans.
  • We also do a lot of internet marketing for this client and we CAN NOT post DON’T CLICK HERE because most of our posts ask people to click on a link.

I have contacted multiple Facebook department and they have all told me that hacking into a fan page is not possible.

I don’t understand how this statement is valid since CEO Mark Zukerberg got his Facebook fan page hacked a few weeks ago. http://mashable.com/2011/01/26/mark-zuckerberg-fan-page-hacked/

We have spent over $XX,XXX+ in PPC and $X,XXX+ FBML custom pages that have attracted close to XX,000+ fans with a “customer contact value” of a min of $XX,000.

Because our clients fan page got hacked, our PPC costs have gone up 245%!

NO ONE will help this client and our Facebook inquiries have not been responded to.

We need help! This page is valued at over $XX,000 for all the work and contacts and also this fan base allows us to do more targeted marketing for this fan base and lower PPC for more traffic.


How can you help us and our client regain access to a hacked fan page? XXXX XXXX is the client I represent and the fan page in question or the short cut is www.XXXXXXXFans.com

Please help. No one will help us and so much money has been spent on this fan page.

We want to run MORE PPC and we need this valuable piece of online real estate back.

Our client has contacted his legal team, we have called the FBI, we have posted in all forums that Facebook offers, we have tried phone calls, our client is writing a press release right now because no one from Facebook can help.

While searching the internet, we have noticed in the last few week, many people have been affected by this.

We recently saw the following company post in a lot of Facebook forums and on their blog the following articles:




If you notice on the first article on this site, the page owners state they got their page back. We have spoken with the owners of that site and they have PROVEN to us that they got control back from their page.

We see no other alternative and we will going to the press like Black Box Social Media did.

Here is the press release a recent Canadian R&B star released because no one from Facebook will respond to him and he has over 80,000+ Facebook fan that were hijacked!


Please help us before this becomes more of a public mess.

We have proof the group that hacked us has hacked over 1,000 fan pages and we suspect this group is about to launch a major cyber attack based on the information that we have seen!!!

Please help and please contact me any way you can and as fast as you can.



Getting our hacked Facebook Fan Page Back

Over the next 72 hours we heard nothing from Facebook. Late Sunday night we checked our admin rights and we saw that we were fully re-instated as page admin’s to our fan page!!!!

We did it!!!! Facebook said that they do not give back Facebook fan pages that have been hacked. We got our page back and YOU CAN TO!

Follow these simple steps below to get your Facebook fan page back!

We spent a TON of time working on this and brining you solutions. If you get your Facebook fan page back using these techniques, we just ask 2 simple favors that are FREE:

  • Leave a comment on our site below that this worked for you!
  • Please post this article or one of our other articles on your Facebook fan page and please tell others that we helped you through this ordeal! We want to help more people!!!!

5 Simple Steps to Getting your Hacked Facebook Fan page Back

1.   Go through the email template we have completed above and add in your own personal information. You want to quantify damages if you can. Just telling Facebook that you “worked hard” on your Fan page will NOT cut it! You MUST quantify your pages value to help spread your message.

2.   Fill out each of the below Facebook online support forms and include your personalized email template into the comment section of each one of these forms






Only contact the Public Relations department if you are also planning on issuing a press release about your Facebook fan page hack problem

3.   Post your Facebook fan page hack problem in the following Facebook forums. Make sure you also reach out to other people whom have experienced the same problem and reference the link of this article to help others get their Facebook fan page admin rights back!






4.   If you don’t hear anything from Facebook after 5 business days from all of your inquiries and from using the email template above, you will want to issue a press release just like this:


  • There are a ton of FREE press releases services that you can use to get this out
  • We recommend using PRWeb (http://service.prweb.com/why-prweb/ ) This is a paid press release service and it will get the word out for you.
  • Your press release does not have to be perfect, it just needs to be accurate and you got to get the word out there!

5.  Post a small article on your personal blog or on multiple blogs.

On your blog article, write a small article on the problem that you are facing while trying to get your hacked Facebook fan page back.

Tell your story and reference this article as getting you motivated to spread the word on the world wide web


  • When you do this, you will link to our site and our thousands of viewers! We will be working together to get more exposure of this issue.
  • With all the exposure and all of us working together, Facebook has no choice but to fix their fan page hacking problems!

It is really as simple as that! Just follow our directions and get your Facebook fan page back from the hackers!

If this post has helped you in anyway please LIKE the post and leave a comment below! Let’s start a moment to get your Facebook fan page admin rights back with a large online movement!
We look forward to hearing how you got your Facebook Fan page hacked and then back from the hackers!