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Facebook Home Business Marketing Tips

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Facebook Home Business Marketing Tips

How do you utilize the social media giant to grow your home business on Facebook?  There are several ways to leverage the social network, but most people go about it the wrong way.  The following are some simple tips for Facebook home business marketing success:

Facebook Home Business Marketing Tips | Avoid these mistakes

First things first, if you want to properly utilize all of Facebook home business marketing advantages, then you will need to understand some of the basic mistakes most newbies makes:

*  Not building a Fan Page– you will want to separate your personal page from your business Fan page as the audiences for both and the content you post to both sites should be different.

*  Spamming– Facebook home business marketing is different from traditional marketing.  With Facebook, you try to interact with others.  Print media doesn’t work well in social marketing.

*  Auto-publishing– you want to vary the way you communicate with your fans when using the Facebook Home business marketing technique.  Alternate between posts, videos, and pictures.  If you use the same method, you become boring and people stop looking at your Fan page.

Facebook Home Business Marketing Tips | Establish rapport

As stated above, talking at your social media fans or friends doesn’t work.  Even in print advertising, you’re lucky to get a 1% conversion using this method.  You wouldn’t wear your winter clothes in the summer, so why would you use print advertising techniques when implementing a Facebook home business marketing plan?  Here are some ways to establish rapport with your fans:

  1. Use FORM to find out about their Family, their Occupation, what they do for Recreation, and what is their Motivation.
  2. Show a genuine and authentic interest in them
  3. Provide value, based on whatever questions they ask you.

Facebook Home Business Marketing Tips | Don’t get too controversial

My Mom used to tell me as a child that if you want to get into an argument, simply talk politics.  There are some additional topics that you want to stay away from on Facebook to prevent possibly unintentionally offending or upsetting a potential customer:

  1. Sex
  2. Religion
  3. Politics
  4. How much money you’ve made

Facebook Home Business Marketing Tips | What to write about

When implementing your Facebook home business marketing plan, the 2 most important things you can do is create valuable content and interact.

*  Create valuable content- as stated above, don’t be a megaphone for your product.  Rather, relate valuable information related to your product.  For example, if you are a Realtor, instead of consistently broadcasting how good of a Realtor you are, how much money you make doing it, how many homes’ you’ve sold, etc… provide tips on how people can sell their homes quicker.  Then, when people decide to use a Realtor, they will choose you because you’ve displayed expertise on the subject.

*  Interact– when someone asks you a question, leaves a comment, or even ‘likes’ something you’ve posted, always respond.  In addition, go onto that person’s page and do the same.  The more people with whom you interact, the more eyeballs that will see your information and go to your site.

Facebook Home Business Marketing Tips | Conclusion

In summary, Facebook home business marketing can be simple, inexpensive, and produce great results.  By following the Facebook home business tips listed above, and avoiding some of the common mistakes, you can see both your site traffic and conversion rates increase dramatically.

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