Facebook Search Engine

Is a Facebook Search Engine a Possibility?

Facebook Search Engine
Facebook Vs. Google in an all out fight

David vs Goliath.  Ali vs. Frazier.  Facebook vs. Google?  These two billion dollar companies are definitely in a fight for Internet dominance.  However, neither has really done much to impact the others specific niche market.  For example, every one of Google’s attempts to build a social media platform, like the most recent ‘Google Buzz’, has failed.  Is Facebook now taking aim at Google by looking to create its own Facebook Search Engine?

Facebook Search Engine

Facebook was recently awarded a patent on “curated search,” which involves ranking search results according to a link’s popularity with a user’s social graph.  This looks like a Facebook search engine creation possibility.  Will it be a direct competition against Google or will the Facebook search engine focus on more of a social search than an Internet wide search.

To this point, the social media giant has no experience with search engines, and creating a good one to compete against Google isn’t exactly a walk in the park.  10 years ago, Yahoo was the search engine leader, and even with that head start, they weren’t able to compete with Google.  And the closest to a Facebook search engine has been Facebook adding Bing-powered search results to its internal Facebook search, and giving some social data to Bing to tweak its search results. It appears unlikely that a Facebook search engine could be thrown together in a matter of weeks, months, or even years that would be even remotely competitive with Google.

The most conceivable option for a Facebook search engine would most likely be a joint venture or partnership with Bing to assist them in dominating the market, which would help Facebook strike a mighty blow to it’s biggest online competitor.

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