Is Nouveau Riche Closing Down?

going out of business 150x150 Is Nouveau Riche Closing Down?

Is Nouveau Riche Closing for good?

The writing has been on the wall for quite some time.  Nouveau Riche, formerly known as Nouveau Riche University or NRU, made the announcement last night that as of December 31, 2010 the real estate investment college will stop being sold.  Any consumer orders will be fulfilled until the first quarter of 2012, but after that the once great real estate investment college will be no more.

There will be a couple of spin off companies from the death of Nouveau Riche.  Apparently ‘The General,’ Bob Snyder, will be taking the reins on what is left of NRU and spinning it off into a real estate MLM with online classes as the core product.

Jim’s New Venture | Bizzibiz

Jim Piccolo, the former CEO and founder of Nouveau Riche, will be launching a new company called Bizzibiz, which will be a franchise model offering social media services to a local clientele.  Mr. Piccolo stated in a recent press release that he would be divesting his interests in his other companies, namely Nouveau Riche, to focus on this new venture.

“As a venture capitalist who currently owns and/or operates several other existing businesses, Piccolo further shares the news that, in order to focus on BizziBiz Franchise, Inc., he will divest his interest in his other companies, including Nouveau Riche Corporation, Inc. It, Inc., The Real Market Experts Franchise, Inc., iWizard Technology, and others.”

There is not a lot of information available yet on Bizzibiz.  The website states that it will launch on January 1, 2011.  Further reading can be found on which lists the featured franchise as Bizzibiz, however Extreme Franchise seems to be a part of the Bizzibiz umbrella or vice versa.  One very notable piece of information is that several Nouveau Riche Alumni and instructors are listed as Vice Presidents for Bizzibiz, namely Tami and Andre Popa, as well as Phil Lechter.

R.I.P. Nouveau Riche

So out of the ashes arise two new companies, going in two separate directions.  Only time will tell how the new Nouveau Riche or Bizzibiz will do, or what what will become of Jim Piccolo, Bob Snyder, and the rest of the Nouveau Riche holdouts.

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7 Comments to “Is Nouveau Riche Closing Down?”

  1. A lot of great leaders came out of Nouveau Riche. My passion for real estate grew because of the core foundation that was taught here. Sad to see the foundation coming down on NR. Rest in Peace fellow education.

  2. Gina says:

    08/2011 Well they are at it again I got Scamed by the Renatus LLC / Bob Snyder CEO
    I was never told it was a training course . Christian Martinez Introduce himself as an Investor and invited me to an Investors Workshop and made to believe I was going to be working with Investors gave my credit card never got to see no contract and never got copies of transaction . THe New CEO Of Renatus LLC is Bob Snyder CEO and former owner of Noveu Riche as I investigated.. They Took $ 1,695.00 plus $125.00 total of $ 1,820.00 and I have done nothing and have nothing.. I have gone and complain to the Better Business Bureu, State General Attorney, Consumers affairs, Complain as fraud and Scam at the Better Business Bureau it sounds the same as Noveu Riche . I will not allow them to keep money that I didn;t agree on stay away from Renatus LLC they is a Scam and Deceptive practice. I will not stop till I get my money back. plus fees and expenses.

  3. rc1honda says:

    Yep they have a center in oak lawn IL, right now. Renatus is a huge scam. Ponzi marketing scheme. I don’t know how these guys can just steal your money and get away with for so long.
    They teach you nothing about real estate and only want you to oush there very basic at best education product.

    Beware when you go to a seminar. They hire people to get all excited and cheer and make a huge scene when they are giving testimonials. Do not get all hung up on the hype. It’s all a horse and pony show. Renatus is Mickey Mouse. Not real.

  4. Thomas says:

    Gina, let’s get your money back. Contact me. I know the FOUNDER Bob Snyder. I can get that done for you.

  5. Android Star says:

    “Investor seeks student to make thousands while you learn”. These are the street signs posted all over the city streets and posted on the Craigslist section of Real Estate jobs. I called them because I have been wanting to be a part of an Investor group to learn and eventually start investing myself. When I spoke to the guy “Myke”, he invited me to a meeting with his partner on Thursday at El Torito. I accepted and was very interested, so I attended. Once I got there, it was set up as a classroom setting in one of the private rooms in the restaurant and they started going over their wonder “New Wealth Advisors Club” and for a nominal fee you can become a part of the family and come to a class for a whole weekend and learn how to buy Real Estate “without having to use your own money or your own credit”. Reluctantly, I signed up being that it was an investment of a few hundred bucks. Then the weekend came along, and I arrived at this industrial building surrounded by warehouses in Riverside. I entered and it was a large classroom playing Christian music. They began by introducing their first speaker, made everyone stand up and cheer, played music for his entrance and here came “Arcadio Diaz Jr….Multi million dollar real estate investor” Throughout the weekend they introduced to us more insanely “successful investors” like Eric Stevens, Mike Biglane etc. and then drop the bomb that in order to really join their club we needed to purchase one of their packages ranging from $3k to $14k. I did my research and found out that all of the instructors were previous instructors from the MULTI LEVEL MARKETING SCAM ARTISTS NOUVEAU RICHE ACADEMY which scammed many of their students and the owne James Piccolo (“Arizona Corporations Commission announced that Jim Piccolo and his business partners must pay nearly $6 Million in restitution and fines for defrauding 105 investors with unregistered deed of trust investments”). “Nouveau Riche Corporation Fraudulent Deceptive and Misrepresentative Selling & ripoff Practices Scottsdale Arizona” Basically, all you have to do is google Nouveau Riche and all the scam alerts pop up in bold letters, then I find out that not only are all of the instructors from Nouveau Riche, but Dave Boswell and Melina Boswell, owners of New Wealth Advisors Club were also leaders of Nouvea Riche and have formed their new club under the exact same foundation, principles, ideas and systems…which are all RIP OFFS!
    If you see signs on the streets of Investors seeking students or internet ads with this same information…it’s from their current students who make a split from your tuition so they can basically make back their money that they had to spend and make profits to finally start investing! SO…NEW WEALTH ADVISORS CLUB OR NOUVEAU RICHE…WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL YOURSELVES…IF IT WALKS AND TALKS LIKE A DUCK… know the rest….RUNNNNNN

  6. Ron Surant says:

    Nouveau Riche Academy or University, either way the beast has reared its ugly head again! Guess what, after paying a $6 million fine Jim and Mary Piccolo are leading the organization again. Looks like is in on the act too.

    Read this:

    Check out:, 4162 likes since June 24, 2012…not likely! and:

  7. Spiegel says:

    How can I trust you if you MISSPELLED a word—Bob Snyder, will be taking the ‘reigns’—jeez, just hire a proofreader. Consider you a “maybe” source for information with integrity.

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