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What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is revenue sharing advertising between two websites. The affiliate website displays an online advertisement of another website where a product or service is being sold. Internet traffic from the affiliate’s site will then be driven to the other purchase website.   Affiliate marketing has become a popular way to promote web businesses because there is no payment due unless an affiliate’s marketing efforts result in a sales transaction.   In a sense, affiliate marketing is like creating an independent sales force working on a commission only basis.  As such, there is little risk to the business owner implementing an affiliate marketing strategy.

The affiliate Internet marketers are people who promote and market other people’s products on the Internet. When a sale is made, an affiliate marketing commission is paid to the affiliate marketer.  Usually affiliate marketing is conducted via a niche website where the focus your attention to a specific target market, such as lotions, potions, health care products to educational material.

Affiliate Marketing Career | Advantages

The following are some of the benefits of an affiliate marketing career:

  • Low start up costs– affiliate marketing costs consist of hosting a website and related software.
  • Duplicable– once you’ve figured out a process for affiliate marketing on one site, you can duplicate this effort for other sites and have multiple, profitable campaigns going at once.
  • No holding costs- you are the middle man for the product that simple facilitates the order.  The building of the product, storing, shipping, etc… is all the responsibility of the company that owns the product.
  • No risk- the only items you risk are the minimal affilliate marketing start up costs and your time.

Affiliate Marketing Conclusion

In our humble opinion, affiliate marketing is a great way for people to create a secondary, part time business. There are no physical stores to mind, no products to hold & ship.  You can simply create a website and advertise your site!  As such, affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways to start a business.

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