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Social Networking
Social Networking

Online Social Networking

Social networking involves the grouping of specific individuals or organizations together through a common interest or topic.  While this has always taken place in person, online social networking has boomed over the last few years and has created some of the largest and most used websites on the internet.  Facebook, the most popular social network, saw it’s US user base grow from 42 million in 2007 to 103 million in 2009, and over 400 million users worldwide.

Benefits of Social Networking For Business

It has been difficult for many business owners to identify and quantify social networking as something that is beneficial for their business.  We are seeing more and more businesses, large and small, utilizing social networking to advertise and brand their companies with great success.  Here are a few of the benefits to using social networking in your business.

  1. Meet and communicate with people that have common interests.
  2. Increasing your network – Social networking is an easy way to share and connect with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of individuals.
  3. Building a relationship – Gone are the days when a banker greeted you by name or doctor’s visited you at home, but with social media the personal touch and opportunity to get to know your clients on a personal level has returned.
  4. Low cost marketing – Advertising on social networks can be inexpensive, as compared to other advertising options, and can be free to those individuals that you are connected with through your social network.

Social networking is an ideal way to increase your business and further establish your brand.

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