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keyword is a relevant phrase used by users in search engines in order to find information online. A good example is “social networking sites”, in which these words or word combinations are used by search engines like Bing, Yahoo, or Google.  It has been proven that keyword research is crucial in doing business online, and is becoming ever more important for utilizing social networking sites. Keywords need to be relevant words or phrases to your niche, especially with all the changes to Google’s algorithm. Though social networking sites are already considered a competitive niche, you can opt for keywords or phrases in lieu of simple keywords. Keyword phrases have been shown to help online businesses in comparison to single keywords.

Social Networking Sites |Keyword Tips

Thus, when researching for keywords or phrases, you will want to search for keywords that follow these criteria:

  • Keywords must be related to your social networking sites content.  A couple of years ago, you could put highly searched yet irrelevant to your topic keywords like ‘Lindsay Lohan’ or ‘Dancing with the Stars’ into your social networking sites blog or article about ‘Selling Cars’ and search engines would pick up these articles.  Now, if your keywords don’t match your topic, search engines won’t pick up the blog on your social networking sites.
  • Keywords should be geared towards your target market.    Understanding what drives traffic to your site isn’t as important as what will drive transactions from your site.  If your keywords are ‘Learn the Macarena Dance’ but your site is about real estate education, you may drive traffic to your site, but it won’t be the type that stay on too long or purchase anything.  The point isn’t just site traffic, the point is conversion.
  • Keywords should neither be too short nor too long.  If you’re selling a search engine optimization educational video, your keyword shouldn’t be: great video about how businesses can maximize web traffic to their website by implementing a search engine optimization program that works’.  It’s a little too much, and no one will type all that in.  Conversely, simply having the keyword as ‘internet’ is not specific enough to move up the search engine results page.

One of the most basic fundamentals in marketing social networking sites is researching keywords.  Keyword research plays a vital role in marketing your social networking site.  Unfortunately, many social networking sites owners are still in the dark when it comes to understanding keyword research and fail to maximize their social networking sites potential.

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