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Social NetworkingWhat is Social Networking?

Social Networking has become incredibly popular over the past few years.  It has become one of the most popular applications on the Internet since the burst of the dot-com bubble. Social networking is a prominent tool for communication and self-expression especially among young adults and teenagers.  It is a great tool for not only to meet friends but as a business purposes as well.  It is expanding the amount of business or personal contacts that each of us knows.

Social Networking for Business

Social networking can let you achieve your business marketing and networking goal.  It can be a great marketing tool but can also be a legal landmine for the unwary.  It is the greatest marketing tool available to virtual businesses today.  It is a new operating environment.  Here are some of the social networking advantages and disadvantages.

Social Networking Advantages for Business

There are numerous social networking advantages for small businesses, including the following:
1. Increased brand awareness- social networking sites, like Facebook, have almost 1 billion users alone.  By having a presence on multiple social networking sites, you will increase your brand name.
2. Increased traffic- social networking sites provide an excellent opportunity to advertise your blogs and videos and draw traffic back to your website
3. Monitor conversations – your social networking site will allow you to receive instant (positive and negative) feedback from your customers and potential customers.
4. Increase in new business- social networking is a key tool for increase sales and revenue.
5. Identification of new product or service opportunities

The bottom line is this: with some many people trawling through social networking sites, how can your business, product, or service afford not to have a presence?

Social Networking History and Future

Social networking will continue to be mainstream and a popular way to interact and network in an online environment.  It is not a new concept. In fact, it’s been around as long as we have.  It will empower communities, combat existential alienation and, best of all, could even be the key to ending spam.  It is an irreversible mega trend that is increasingly permeating organizational boundaries.
Social networking is gaining momentum, and you’d hear or see the servers being populated with different styles of social websites.  It can itself constitute or lead to criminal activity.  It has evolved beyond the simple exchange of messages to the creation of online communities—including educational settings.  It has revolutionized the way we communicate and share information with one another in today’s society.  Social networking is all about connecting and building a community.

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