Leveraging LinkedIn For Your SEO Campaign

If you are looking around for some good advice on using LinkedIn or for that matter any social media, you will in all likelihood receive the oft repeated advice to give your readers good quality content and treat the social media as a back link resource. Still another advice you might receive is to target […]

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how to make money on facebook
foursquare local updates

Will Foursquare Local Updates Help Businesses Keep Satisfied Customers?

Social networking is an essential part of any business plan today. The social networking giants such as Facebook and Twitter are well-known for their place in telling millions of people what’s happening in major organizations, institutions and businesses. However, small businesses with just one or two shops or retail outlets don’t have the money, time […]

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Top iPad apps

Seven Essential iPad Apps for Your Small Business

Although it started out as a new toy for browsing the internet whilst lying on your sofa the iPad has actually developed into an incredibly useful business tool. If you are an entrepreneur or have your own small business then you will find the iPad invaluable for organising your day, simplifying your workflow and keeping […]

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Facebook sponsored stories updates

Facebook Sponsored Stories Update: Bold Moves for Advertising Revenue

As Facebook continues to grow beyond a mere social network that connects individuals with other like-minded individuals, their focus looks to be more on increasing advertising revenue. To this end, Facebook is offering up many different options for advertisers. The most recent Facebook Sponsored Stories comes in the form of sponsored advertising making use of the Facebook […]

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How Instagram Can Be Used By Businesses?

The rapid increase in the number of mobile phone users with smart phones has meant that there are constantly evolving and new methods that can be used for marketing. The savvy company is keeping their eye on the trend of social media and constant wireless access and taking their cue from the tech companies that […]

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What is Eben Pagan’s Guru Product Blueprints?

There is a great new opportunity for those who want to run their own business to to take advantage of Guru Product Blueprints. This is a training course from Eben Pagan that covers everything needed to create an Internet marketing business from home with the right technology and business partners that can make you a lot […]

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Facebook Real Time Insights

Improving Access to Your Social Accounts

There are many ways in which you can link social media accounts and access them through a single system, but as yet none of these systems quite pull everything together in the way that we would wish. Accessing accounts remains a system wherein multiple web pages load up automatically when we log into the computer. […]

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Using Facebook Timeline Brands Page

Five Tips and User Insights for Using Facebook Timeline Brand Pages

If you have a Facebook Timeline for Brands, you may notice that users seem to be confused by the new timeline offered on the site. Certain elements are very confusing include “See More” content breaks along with unexpanded apps. Cover images and certain other features may be of less importance. SimpleUsability recently conducted a study on […]

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Using Social Media Marketing For Your Sports Team

Using Social Media Marketing For Your Sports Team

Social media is exploding in popularity and sports viewing & attendance is at an all time high.  Doesn’t it make sense that a professional sports team should have a social media marketing plan? Many sports marketing professionals underestimate the importance of social media marketing but the reality is that newspaper ads, radio & TV ads, […]

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Facebook Timeline for Brands

Facebook Timeline For Brands to be Released this Month

At the F8 Conference last September, Facebook shook up the world of social media when it announced that it was launching it’s unique ‘photo-centric’ format known as  Timeline for Facebook users.  This visual representation of your life transformed the social media giant into a scrapbook of your Facebook life.  In December, the Timeline launch was […]

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Google+ for Business

Google+ For Business May Be The Best Yet!

There has been a lot of anticipation for Google+ for business so we can’t stress enough how important it is to be fully informed of the possibilities the platform has to offer.  So today we have some very exciting Google+ for business news and predictions that may give Google+ the social enterprise crown for business. […]

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