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Bizness Apps Builds Apps for Small Businesses

Everyone knows how important it is for small businesses to get in the app game, thats why Bizness Apps should be in your company’s vocabulary, because Bizness Apps builds apps for small businesses.  Bizness Apps was recently proud to announce that they have now built 1,000 apps for Read More

What is Google+ History?

In another attempt to improve the Google+ experience, the social media giant has announced that it is releasing a new feature called Google+ History,  which will allow you add past statuses, updates, purchases, pictures, and more to you personal Google+ timeline from a variety Read More

Is Google Indexing URLs with Embedded YouTube Videos?

Just a short time ago, something happened that many people thought might never happen.Google is now indexing URLs with embedded YouTube videos. With Google now Indexing URLs with Embedded YouTube Videos, this represents a fundamental shift from their previous practices of not Read More

Facebook Timeline for iPhone Now Available!

  So Facebook Timeline for iPhone is finally available and it comes at a great time as so many have already fallen in love with the new Facebook Timeline as it has been making a major presence on many profiles across the network.  As one that has been playing with the Read More

What is the New Facebook Subscribe Button for Websites?

    Facebook announced that it is planning to roll out a new Facebook subscribe button plugin for all websites. The plugin will allow a website’s visitors a one-click way to begin following all of the news from an individual reporter, public figure, politician, Read More

Facebook No Longer Penalizes 3rd Party Apps

Do you remember when email first came out?  I remember having 5 different email accounts (just to date myself: go.com, prodigy.net, mail.excite.com, netscape.com, and yahoo.com- oh those were the days) that I would use.  The problem is that it became cumbersome to have to log Read More

Latest LinkedIn Statistics

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner told listeners on an earnings call that growth is up with LinkedIn.  The following latest LinkedIn statistics seem to suggest that he is correct: LinkedIn has 131 million members More than a million groups. More than 15 million people joined LinkedIn Read More

Google+ Updates: Hashtags and Real Time Search

  Since I’m an internet nerd I follow a lot of Google+ engineers and developers like Vic Gundotra, and that’s how I found out about these great Google+ updates to improve real time search through hashtags.  Twitter has been using hashtags for sometime and that’s why a Read More

How To Create a Foursquare Business Page

  Since it’s birth Foursquare was reserved for businesses that had big enough bank rolls to subscribe to the service, but now creating a Foursquare business page has never been more accessible.  Foursquare has announced that any business large or small can begin creating Read More

The Twitter Follow Button for Websites

    The Twitter follow button for websites has been launched, and now you too can add this feature to your website.  The Twitter follow button enables users to easily subscribe to the Twitter feeds at the click of a mouse button to people, companies and products Read More

What is Google’s Page Speed Online?

  Google’s Page Speed Online is an open-source project started at Google to help developers optimize their web pages by applying web performance best practices, according to GoogleLabs.  Google’s Page Speed Online is a new web-based tool that allows users to analyze Read More

New Facebook Page Change

An change was made today at Facebook, to be more specific it’s a new Facebook page change.  Most Facebook changes happen quietly without much publicity released from Facebook corporate, but this change was announced earlier this year and came along with an official notice on Read More