Mistakes marketing on Facebook

Top Facebook Mistakes to Avoid

Many marketers still fail to see the value of utilizing Facebook for advertising.   The fatal flaw is that they feel that it is free so they shouldn’t invest in using or understanding it. To make matters worse, they’ll throw up a few posts, not see results, and then convince themselves that advertising online just […]

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facebook comments

How Facebook Comments Affect Your Reach (video)

Do you ever wonder why your posts don’t reach all of your Facebook Fans? If you have 10,000 Fans on your Facebook Page, why is it that you will typically only reach about 1,200 instead of the entire 10k? Facebook has an algorithm called ‘EdgeRank‘ that takes into account the number of people who view […]

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Tips on How to Improve Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement

Posting on Facebook seems simple, but there really is a science behind doing this properly. How many times have you seen a Facebook Fan Page that does nothing but promote itself? You look at it and all it has, every day, is a sentence with a link back to it’s blog. The pic below is […]

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boost your brand on facebook

How to Boost Your Brand on Facebook and Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

Facebook is among the most popular social networking websites having more than 1 billion users all across the world. It not only helps you to find old friends and connect with people of similar interests, but also is considered as an effective tool to boost traffic over your blog. With tough competition in business world, […]

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Tips on How to Get More Facebook Engagement

How to Analyze Your Facebook Fan Page Performance

Have you, as a Facebook Fan Page Administrator, ever look at Facebook Analytics for your Page and wondered ‘How am I doing?’ You’re not alone. If you put out a post and it reaches 19% of your Fans, is that below average or better than average? What if your viral rate is 5%? What does […]

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disabled facebook fan page

How to Get Your Facebook Fan Page Back If it Was Disabled By Facebook

Facebook has been known to shut down Fan Pages who are in violation of their terms of usage (and they may not even know it).  Do not despair for there are ways to reactivate your account without having to re-create a different one. This article will detail the most common reasons for having your Facebook […]

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social media management tools

The Best Social Media Management Tools

The way that social media is growing these days you’re small business may just need a social media marketing firm.  A lot of businesses are preferring the DIY social media way because there are a ton of social media management tools out there that pretty much anyone with some computer knowledge and creativity can implement. […]

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Google + Direct Connect

How to Use Google+ Direct Connect for SEO

Every week, a representative from Black Box Social Media, LLC, will be sharing with readers and fans of Brian Horn how to use social media in order to improve SEO for their website.  No question that Brian is one of the leaders in the world of SEO, and our company has certainly benefited from his […]

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social media to jump up the search rankings

How to Create a Custom Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook Fan Page is a public Profile page which details specific information about business, products, and services to be shared with all Facebook users as well as the general public. The process of creating a custom Facebook Fan Page should only take a couple of minutes.  This article will instruct how to create your […]

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Designing a Facebook Fan Page (infographic)

Take a look at this quick start guide to designing your Facebook Fan Page, and feel free to pin it to your bookmarks where I’ve certainly found it most useful. It’s pretty hard when designing the layout of fanpages to make sure you retain all the alignment you had originally intended. The guide shows in […]

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Facebook Timeline for Brands Cheat Sheet
Facebook Premium Ads

What is Facebook Premium Ads?

Facebook is rolling out quite a few changes today at the fMC Conference.  First, Facebook released the Facebook Timeline for Brands update, which pretty much creates a Timeline for Facebook Fan Pages. Also, as announced at the fMC Conference, Facebook will be replacing the current ads format with a new, upgraded premium ads that generate […]

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