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How Facebook Comments Affect Your Reach (video)

Do you ever wonder why your posts don’t reach all of your Facebook Fans? If you have 10,000 Fans on your Facebook Page, why is it that you will typically only reach about 1,200 instead of the entire 10k? Facebook has an algorithm called ‘EdgeRank‘ that takes into account the number of people who view […]

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Tips on How to Get More Facebook Engagement

Facebook Wall Posts Statistics You Probably Didn’t Know (infographic)

Interesting Infographic on Facebook Wall Post Cheat Sheet by Lynchpin SEO. I was surprised at the impact that emoticons had on engagements.  I wonder if this research is more based on overall Facebook engagement or just on Fan Pages.  Here are some other good takeaways from the infographic: Short is sweeter- keep your posts to […]

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Tips on How to Get More Facebook Engagement

How to Analyze Your Facebook Fan Page Performance

Have you, as a Facebook Fan Page Administrator, ever look at Facebook Analytics for your Page and wondered ‘How am I doing?’ You’re not alone. If you put out a post and it reaches 19% of your Fans, is that below average or better than average? What if your viral rate is 5%? What does […]

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disabled facebook fan page

How to Get Your Facebook Fan Page Back If it Was Disabled By Facebook

Facebook has been known to shut down Fan Pages who are in violation of their terms of usage (and they may not even know it).  Do not despair for there are ways to reactivate your account without having to re-create a different one. This article will detail the most common reasons for having your Facebook […]

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Facebook Places or Facebook Fan Pages?

http://www.socialsonar.com/_blog/Up_Periscope/post/Facebook_Places_vs_Facebook_Fan_Pages/ https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=223406984336119&ref_query=facebook+places

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Google + Direct Connect

How to Use Google+ Direct Connect for SEO

Every week, a representative from Black Box Social Media, LLC, will be sharing with readers and fans of Brian Horn how to use social media in order to improve SEO for their website.  No question that Brian is one of the leaders in the world of SEO, and our company has certainly benefited from his […]

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Facebook Timeline

7 Best Practices that Small Businesses Can Follow to Leverage on Facebook’s Timeline

After Facebook automatically converted business fan pages to Timeline design, many are having a hard time adapting to such a change. If you are one of those who aren’t happy with the shift, it is important that you do not waste your time complaining. After all, Timeline is here to stay and you won’t be […]

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Facebook Exchange

What is Facebook Exchange and How It Will Work?

Facebook is most popular social networking site, therefore, many companies use Facebook Pages as a way to market.  To this point in time, many companies have had good success but are always looking for ways to cherry pick the hottest prospects.  Now, this dream may have become a reality as the social media giant recently […]

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Facebook Timeline for Brands Cheat Sheet
Facebook Premium Ads

What is Facebook Premium Ads?

Facebook is rolling out quite a few changes today at the fMC Conference.  First, Facebook released the Facebook Timeline for Brands update, which pretty much creates a Timeline for Facebook Fan Pages. Also, as announced at the fMC Conference, Facebook will be replacing the current ads format with a new, upgraded premium ads that generate […]

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Hate the New Facebook Timeline for Brands

Top 4 Facebook People Search Tips

What’s the point of having a Facebook Page if you don’t connect with any of your friends?  Using the variety of Facebook People Search tools available to you by Facebook will allow you to find many of your friends and enhance your overall Facebook experience.  Here are the top four Facebook people search tips for finding […]

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Facebook Going Public

Is Facebook Going Public?

There have been a lot of rumors circulating around last year about Facebook going public.  Although the social media giant hasn’t made an official statement yet, there are just too many clues to ignore.  A lot of investors will want to get their hands on Facebook and are excited about Facebook going public.  So when […]

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