Facebook Hack

Facebook Hack: British Student Sentenced to 8 Months

If y0u’re going to attempt any kind of Facebook hack then you should be extremely confident in your skills as a hacker, I mean extremely confident.  Thats what a recent British student by the name of Glenn Mangham, 26, recently discovered when the police came pounding on his door in Yorkshire.  Now, Glenn Mangham the most […]

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Beware of Latest Facebook Scam

With a worldwide 600 million users, every scammer has his or her eyes on Facebook.  Some no-good-niks will be direct and hack your Facebook account while others show more credibility.  The latest Facebook scam has taken the latter form in the latest rouse called ‘Who’s your Stalker?’ How’s the latest Facebook Scam Work? This latest […]

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Twitter Hack – Social Media Under Siege

With all the reports of Facebook hackings that have been taking place it seems that Twitter is now being targeted as well.  Mashable is reporting this morning on a Twitter hack that uses an intriguing link, ‘Time on Twitter,’ to get users to run a script that then spams out the message through that account. […]

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