default landing tab petition

A Petition To Facebook… Concerning the default landing tab

On Wednesday, February 29, 2012, Facebook began the initial rollout of Timeline for Brands. The anticipation for this event has been coming for some time now, but one key feature to the rollout has Facebook Page owners ‘steaming mad.’ Facebook Killed The Default Landing Tab In the new Facebook Timeline Page, page admins will no […]

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Facebook Hack

Facebook Hack: British Student Sentenced to 8 Months

If y0u’re going to attempt any kind of Facebook hack then you should be extremely confident in your skills as a hacker, I mean extremely confident.  Thats what a recent British student by the name of Glenn Mangham, 26, recently discovered when the police came pounding on his door in Yorkshire.  Now, Glenn Mangham the most […]

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Using Google+ Like a Pro

Google+ is proving to be the fastest growing social network in history to hit the web as it most recently approached 18 million users according to a Mashable article.  So we need to start using Google+ like pros and I’d like to share some ways that you can fire through posts and make the most […]

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