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How to Use Timeline Effectively

Sure you might think that you already know how to use Timeline, but we want to show you how to do so without annoying your fans.  There are a lot of ways to experiment with Facebook’s new Timeline, however you don’t want everyone to be able to see your trial and error efforts. Read More

YouTube Copyright Updates

With the advent of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) YouTube Copyright policing is occurring on a much wider more advanced scale than ever before.  If you’re an online marketer, video publisher, or social media account manager then you should definitely take heed of these new policies Read More

Facebook Addiction as Addictive as Tobacco

Thats right, according to a recent study at the University of Chicago Business School Facebook addiction is the new monkey on our backs and it can be even more addicting than alcohol and cigarettes for some people.  Its not that hard to believe either seeing how many studies Read More

Super Bowl Social Media Buzz

So this year the Super Bowl social media buzz was the loudest its ever been.  As a matter of fact this years Super Bowl surpassed all other socialTV events concerning the response it received.  So lets take a look at this astonishing Super Bowl social media buzz: the commercials, Read More

Facebook IPO: The Insider’s Scoop

Everybody is talking about the Facebook IPO set to go out in the next few months.  Recently a 150 page report was released on the alleged $100 billion IPO and its the most read piece of material since the Steve Job’s biography by Walter Isaacson.  In case you just didn’t have Read More

Social Media for Small Business

We thought a survey article on social media for small business would be a good chance to share some success stories of those that have really succeeded in the social media for small business game.  Not only that we also wanted to offer some tips and dispel some rumors as well, Read More

Facebook Clickjacking

Facebook clickjacking has been an ongoing problem with the social media network over the years and finally Facebook has decided to take the issue to court.  Some of you may not know what clickjacking is, but chances are you’ve experienced it if you use the social media site. Read More

Social Media Site Megaupload Shut Down

  So you may have heard that the social media site Megaupload shut down today.  They are the first major victim of the anti-piracy bill, SOPA.  Megaupload shut down just one day after the online SOPA protests in which many prominent webpages blacked out their pages for Read More

Big Brother on Facebook

Thats right, big brother on Facebook may be watching you.  While its long been known that the government monitors the internet to protect us from terrorist attacks or looming natural disasters, it has just been officially revealed the Department of Homeland Security paid a contractor Read More

Facebook and Google+: Lists, Circles, and Groups

You’ve already heard the similarities and differences of Facebook and Google+’s Lists, Circles, and Groups, but while it’s obvious that Google+’s Circle’s is practically the same concept as Facebook’s Lists or Groups, there are a lot of aspects to the features that have been overlooked. Read More