News on Facebook

News on Facebook: Politics Relevant on Social Media?

Studies show that only a mere six percent of Americans view news on Facebook related to politics.  So is this content relevant to post or should be left alone?  Although the numbers may reveal that news on Facebook may not be as popular as other topics it could definitely be argued that these posts may […]

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Ron Paul Wins the Twitter Battle But Not the Caucus

From Yahoo! News: As the votes are being counted in Iowa, the twitterverse is ablaze with comments about #iacaucus. True to form, Ron Paul’s hall-of-mirrors effect on the Internet is propelling him to win the race for biggest buzz, including most tweets and most searches. Meanwhile, after taking a brief lead in the prediction markets, […]

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Can Twitter Predict Election Results

Can Twitter Predict Election Results?

Is Twitter activity a more accurate predictor of politics than the polls?  We can find the answer out as early as tonight in the Iowa Caucus. Twitter  is now being used to track candidate buzz in the 2012 elections and is ready for action in today’s caucuses.  Here’s what the Washington Post has to say about […]

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Ron Paul Media Bias
Google Politics and Election Hub

Google Politics and Election Hub Launches

Fresh off the holiday season, Google is now officially getting involved in a different kind of ‘season’ – the election season – by launching the Google politics and election hub.  Just as when YouTube added a politics page for the 2012 election season, Google is now doing the same with ”, an election hub where […]

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Ron Paul on Facebook
Ron Paul

Which GOP Candidate Gets the Most Positive Tweets?

    According to the corporate media, Congressman Ron Paul from Texas has no chance of winning the nomination for the GOP.  According to social media, no one seems to be able to beat Ron Paul.  Which one is right? Ron Paul and the Corporate Media It appears that the corporate media has a bias […]

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You Tube Is Adding More Features For Users

YouTube Is Adding More Features

It’s been a busy week for YouTube with them adding features like a Politics Channel and the ability to rent videos in the UK.  So if you like watching videos online about sharks, lowlifes, criminals, clowns and dimwits, you can do so.  Plus, you can also rent videos online now as well(bu-dum-ching). YouTube is Adding […]

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Rick Perry's social media

Rick Perry’s Social Media Game of Catch-Up

Back in 2010, political strategists applauded Rick Perry’s social media tactics when it came to his re-election campaign.  Rick Perry’s social media pages helped to raise his fan base and promote his politics, all while encouraging his supporters to campaign for him as well.  Rick Perry’s social media pages was his loudspeaker to the nation […]

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