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Tips to Search Google Like An Expert

For many, the very subject (tips for searching in Google) might sound silly. As a matter of fact, Google searching is much more than just entering the keyword on the search bar of the Google Home page.  Search results will be more effective if you know and work on specific Google Read More

3 Reasons Why Social Media Marketers Are Using Google+ For SEO

It’s been hard to figure out what the role of Google+ has been in social media marketing through 2012.  While it has grown quickly, it is somewhat of a ‘ghost town’ that hasn’t yielded near the engagement or traffic that other social media sites have.  However, with some of the Read More

How to Use Google+ Direct Connect for SEO

Every week, a representative from Black Box Social Media, LLC, will be sharing with readers and fans of Brian Horn how to use social media in order to improve SEO for their website.  No question that Brian is one of the leaders in the world of SEO, and our company has certainly Read More

How To Submit Your Site to Online Directories – M3 ARTICLE

How to Submit Your Site If you don’t yet know how to submit your site to online directories then now is the time.  With the economy in a state of turmoil and small business finding themselves struggling to pay for tv, newspaper, and other advertising.  One of the best ways to gain Read More

How to Create Linkbait (for smism)

Linkbait If you want to increase your SEO for your blog then you know how important it is to create linkbait.  Creating linkbait means writing content that others will link to, this in turn makes your page more relevant to Google and your search engine ranking will improve without Read More

How to Use Google Social Search (for smism)

Google Social Search Google social search has launched but many of us still don’t know what exactly it is or how to use it.  Well Google Social Search’s update known as “Search Plus Your Worlds” blends regular search results with public Google Plus Pages. Google Social Search Read More

Google’s Guidelines On Mobile SEO?

We are all aware that in the next few years spending for mobile marketing, including SEO, will double. We are moving to a world where everything will be mobile. That’s right, mobile. SEO also needs to adjust to this trend if it wants to survive. This is not just a note to the Read More

Move Over Facebook and Twitter, Google’s New Google+ Local Enhances Opportunities for Business-Customer Engagement

Google has made the long-awaited move to replace Google Places with a more evolved offering. This comes in the form of Google+ Local, making available all the information that was before with Google Places, only now there is greater functionality in the feature. Users can get Read More

Google+ Local to Replace Google Places

Google has announced today that it has created a new tab on Google+ called Google+Local, which is designed to replace Google Places.  According to the search engine giant, Google+ Local will be a simple way to discover and share local information featuring Zagat scores and recommendations Read More

How to Optimize a Google Places Listing

With the increasing use of internet over the years, most of the business owners are turning to the search engine giant to attract people. Google Placesis a great way to get business found as it is used by millions of netizens everyday to drive traffic to their websites. If Read More

Google Plus Challenges Facebook as a New Social Media Phenomenon

Google Plus is the fastest growing social networking site. The growing popularity of Google Plus is causing a stir among internet users worldwide. Google is heavily promoting its new site and the outcome could very well alter the face internet search results as we know it. The new Read More

How to Use Google+ for SEO

  Many companies are still dragging their feet, but its becoming more and more critical to learn how to use Google+ for SEO especially with the advent of Google’s Search Plus Your World.  Now that all of Google’s counterparts have become intertwined, using Google+ for Read More

Twitter Upset With Google Social Search

Google today announced their social search feature designed to combine both traditional search algorithms with social media content from Google+ and Picasa.  While these features look like a good benefit to end users, there is definitely one company that is not pleased with their Read More