How to Make Powerful Mobile Marketing Campaigns

How many people do you know owns a mobile device (cellphone, smartphone, tablet, etc)? Probably a lot. You probably don’t even know anyone who doesn’t own any of these devices. Anywhere you go, you are bound to encounter someone who is busy checking their mobile device. Imagine how many people you can reach if you […]

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Social Media Marketing Campaign Tips For Success

Business must remain current when it comes to marketing in order to be sustainable and to thrive. The new wave for now is marketing through social media channels. If you want to apply these mediums to boost your business revenue, keep reading. IF you want to market your social media site, always think about who […]

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Using Twitter for backlinks

Using Twitter for Your Link Building

What people do not realize is that you really can use your Twitter account to help you out with your SEO campaign. There are several different ways of using Twitter for your link building; in fact, that you can build valid, real and substantial links for your website using your Twitter account. You will be […]

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Google Analytics Update

Google Analytics Update On Social Media Marketing ROI

The newest Google Analytics update almost completely demystifies social media marketing ROI.  Where once before companies large and small had to blindly hope that the goals behind their social media marketing campaigns were being accomplished now with this Google Analytics update these goals can be clearly tracked through extensive (yet easy to read) graphs and […]

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The Google+ Problem

The Google+ Problem

When tech giant Google launched its answer to Facebook in the form of Google+ the reaction was a little mixed. Some saw it as an improvement over the dominating social network while others didn’t bother to care for it. Months later Google would like for you to believe that it has gained millions of active users. While […]

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how to use social media for business

How to Use Social Media For Your Business

For many businesses, getting into social media can be a daunting prospect. Which social channels do you choose? What do you say? How do you find friends and followers and how do you deal with complaints? Working out the answers to these questions is crucial before you jump head-first into the ever-changing world of social media […]

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social networking benefits

Social Networking Benefits For Business

Social networking can be a powerful tool for a business. Any company that has not tapped into the power of social networking needs to do so immediately. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are among just a few of the social networks that can allow businesses access to customers and potential new employees. Embracing the digital age […]

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Facebook Addiction

Facebook Addiction as Addictive as Tobacco

Thats right, according to a recent study at the University of Chicago Business School Facebook addiction is the new monkey on our backs and it can be even more addicting than alcohol and cigarettes for some people.  Its not that hard to believe either seeing how many studies have shown that some of the best […]

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Social Networking

What is the History of Social Networking?

Social networkingis becoming increasingly popular around the globe. For those who may not be familiar with the term, social networking describes a form of interactive media that multiple people may use to interact and engage with one another. These folks use web 2 . 0. social sites, which describes websites that use interactive aspects to […]

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7 minute dashboard

‘Social Media In 7 Minutes’ Releases 7 Minute Dashboard Video As Part of Free Training Series

Social Media In 7 Minutes, the online social media marketing training site with more than 50 videos dedicated to showing users how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, and more for business, today released its fourth video in their 5 part free video training series which is designed to educate small business owners on how to create […]

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How to Create Memes

How to Create Memes on Google+

How to Create Memes We want to teach you how to create memes on Google+ because once you’re an expert (and its not that difficult) you can create viral images for your brand in no time.  So lets go over the history of memes so that you can brainstorm some ideas for how to create […]

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Startups to Watch

Startups to Watch: 2012

While the world may be on the cusp of apocalypse there are also many startups to watch in 2012.  We wanted to share some of the most interesting start ups to watch in the technology industry this year.  Some of these have already gained some recognition in 2011 and we believe that many of them […]

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